how to, writing from the bottom up

After that you have to get yourself into a rhythm of writing, perhaps only working on it on the weekends or when it’s sunny might be okay if you are doing it just a spot of fun but if you want to make something of it then you have to be willing to put in an hour or so most days – that’s what I do but I’m fortunate in that I have just finished my last job and have a decent pot of capital to sit on for a while so can write daily.  I like to go to the gym in the morning for a work-out ,head home have a quick shower then straight to writing for maybe two hours in the morning before lunch, using the notes in my black binder so I know where I’m going roughly and for those two hours I work on linking all the scenes that I’ve already had. A good tip is to draw maps or pictures to help you with politically or family issues within your story so family trees can be helpful and maps to show cities and the geography of your story.  Make sure it all fits up nicely so there nothing jarring when you reading your work back, there is nothing worse from a writers perspective, than your story read back to yourself having a giant plot-hole jump out. So that is how I do it you have to find your own rhythm to write that works for you. Luckily, so far, I don’t get writers block maybe that is to do with my inability to write – but that up to other people to judge, so for me it’s quite easy to just set myself up and go for it.

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how to, and what it is to be a writer

What’s it like being a writer? Well, first and foremost, most people will tell you, you have to come up with an idea, concept and work forward from that. I find that just writing down a passage or events that I think sounds cool or unique and from that initial spark the story grows and that idea gather momentum to take the story forward. For example, when I first wrote the Riders of the North it started with just a dream I had about a medieval battle field with heavily laden warriors combating Mongol riders with their composite bow. And from that simple dream the whole project sprang forth onto the pages of my notebook and then I moved it onto the computer and, eventually, into the two stories I’ve published to date, alongside the full novel I’m sitting on at the moment.

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So, this is ‘helpsomeone week’ – you may have seen some of the tweets, hashtags and so on- the help someone week is just about helping somebody in the smallest of ways  – great idea.  I thought I would apply this to the creative world too – let’s face it,we all need our friends to support us – so how about going to listen to your friend’s band playing, give them a hand by carrying their camera gear around,help them set up a photo, go watch them in that play they are in or read their book – trying to be creative takes a lot of work and all of these things take up a lot of time to practise, revise and produce so why not have a creative friends focus this week and support them in their endeavours – and they might support you in yours.

Look out for the smaller names rather than follow those who have already made it and give new starters a helping hand.   This is also the week leading up to the launch of my second book, Rose’s Story – it would be great if you would spare a few minutes to give me a little help by following my work here – check out the first book, The Horse Lord  – if you haven’t already read it and make a note to look out for Rose’s Story.

The Week #29 26th July, 2015

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The Week 19th July, 2015 #28

In ‘The Week’ this week I thought I would take a further look at the budget and any impact on business. As an owner of a small business I wondered if there would be anything remotely helpful to me in the budget. For big business the corporate tax will drop, just before the next election to 17% of profits over £300,000, which is nice if you’re earning that amount but apart from that there wasn’t anything helpful for start ups or small businesses, just a load of ‘future help’ and ‘areas of growth’ and new ‘authority’ and so on, yardy-yard, boring.

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The Week #28    12th July, 2015

Hello and welcome to the week again my rather sporadic, mainly political area, sorry there wasn’t one last week.  I had a helicopter assessment thing I had to do that gobbled up the time: any who here we go the big news for me this week – it has to be the budget, the first Conservative in 17 years and what it will do for the country, so let get to it.

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