Nearly ready!! The Clockwork City

The Clockwork City         

[Original size] Copy of Clockwork City (Book Cover)
The sequel – the war has begun, they must travel to the Clockwork City to seek help.

               Author’s page – message me for ARC Author’s page

The spear thudded with a sickening squelch into the giant’s neck, purple blood burst out from its vein, running down its neck. It slowed, grabbing its neck as it looked around, confused as to where such a damaging wound had come from. It looked down and saw Teo.

“Ah, I didn’t think this through…” Teo said to himself, swiftly turning and running as fast as he could. The giant roared, giving chase after him. Teo could feel the ground rumbling behind him, but he dared not look behind. An enemy orc tried to bar his approach but Teo jumped up, smashing the orc in the side of his helmet with his shield.

The orc crumpled to the ground, as Teo carried on running. He skidded to a stop as he saw the legionary wall ahead. “I can’t take this beast this way, he will smash through them,” muttered Teo, his mind whirring to secure his next move. He heard a squelch and looked down at his boots covered in green slime, the giant behind him had squashed the unconscious orc, as if it had stepped on a slug, and the orc exploded under the weight. With the legionary lines to the front of him and the giant behind he knew he would have to make a stand.

“Right then, if this is where I die I best make it such a death that it will go down in history, a legend to be retold,” shouted Teo at the giant, and to spur himself and, pulling the two long daggers from his back holder he sprinted forwards at the giant, who immediately swung down with his club. Teo rolled under the swing and used his momentum to jump up on to the giant’s large hairy feet. He slammed both his knives into the giant’s calf muscle; the stench was unimaginable being so close to the monstrosity, so much that Teo gagged as purple blood dripped over his hands when he pulled the blade free.

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