So, this is ‘helpsomeone week’ – you may have seen some of the tweets, hashtags and so on- the help someone week is just about helping somebody in the smallest of ways  – great idea.  I thought I would apply this to the creative world too – let’s face it,we all need our friends to support us – so how about going to listen to your friend’s band playing, give them a hand by carrying their camera gear around,help them set up a photo, go watch them in that play they are in or read their book – trying to be creative takes a lot of work and all of these things take up a lot of time to practise, revise and produce so why not have a creative friends focus this week and support them in their endeavours – and they might support you in yours.

Look out for the smaller names rather than follow those who have already made it and give new starters a helping hand.   This is also the week leading up to the launch of my second book, Rose’s Story – it would be great if you would spare a few minutes to give me a little help by following my work here – check out the first book, The Horse Lord  – if you haven’t already read it and make a note to look out for Rose’s Story.

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