T. A Roberts is a history graduate, originally from Wales, UK now based in England.   Riders of the North is a series he began with short stories, The Horse Lord and Rose’s Story, followed by the full novel The Games. He is currently working on the next in the series, The Clockwork City. His author website can be found here where you can buy his books and browse his book shop and stationery-home office goodies.


Listen here to the Pride of Shropshire BBC Radio Interview   (you will need to click on Google music player to listen to it)



Shropshire Award

winning shropshire
Pride of Shropshire Award

Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my winning the Pride of Shropshire award – and listening to me on BBC Radio – that was quite a day.  Great fun. Everyone I met were so kind and friendly. I have found the same at the recent library and schools event – there are a lot of good people out there so thanks again for all your support.

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