The Week #29 26th July, 2015

Hello and I hope you are all OK. I have something different to talk about this week, instead of talking about current events around the world I decided that I would talk about my venture into the writing world.  It has been around eight months or so since my first book was released (if you haven’t got a copy yet then do get it – Amazon link– soon going on lulu too!) I am happy to report that the second mini saga is about to be released, a prequel called Rose’s Story and I will talk a little about that first.

Rose’s story runs alongside the separate story of The Horse Lord in that it is happening around the same time but in a completely different part of the world. It follows one of my key characters and tells what happens to her before we meet her again in the next book, The Games. As all authors know, the writing phase is just the beginning – then there is the agony of editing and finally the launch – for which I will be doing some vlogs and other bits and pieces to build up a bit of hype for Rose. I hope you enjoy all the stuff that will be coming soon as much as I have enjoyed doing it. The reason I am mentioning this is that the Riders website (weblink) will be heating up a bit over the next few weeks and I would recommend popping onto it to see what’s. If you are an avid reader then it would be greatly appreciated if you show my work to friends and family and get the word out there. I have found that the independent publisher has to battle hard against the establishment who are running with what they call ‘commercial’ safe bets of ghost writers for celebrities and the like. So those of us publishing independently need to talk directly to as many people as possible and use recommendation to get our stuff out there.  I hope you will help me out and pass on my links to everyone you know, so they can decide for themselves if my work is for them or not. With that in mind I thought just ‘helping out’ is good for all of us so that is main theme for this week; helping others. I have talked about the importance of ‘community’ before in The Week and the fact humanity is often harsh and unhelpful to each other does burden me so I thought in asking for your help with my work I would see if I could encourage help for others too. Just think, if everyone decided that this week they would do something to help someone else – what an impact that would have on us all – so here it is – I would appreciate your help to get my books in the hands of all you know but whether you decide to help me or not then why not give your help to someone, anyone this week –  say hello and even chat to someone who is lonely, say something nice to cheer someone up, give a hand to someone working towards an exam or do the washing up! It all counts.  Let’s all decided to do something helpful this week – what have you got to lose – nothing – but who knows what good things it can lead to – pass this on #helpsomeoneweek   😉

Look out for Rose’s story soon out on – helping authors reach readers – a lulu of an idea!

Lu•lu /’lu:lu:/ – a remarkable person, object or idea – an outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing: “as far as nightmares went, this one was a lulu” source Oxford Dictionary, Oxford University Press

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