Wolfenstein Wednesday and a Happy New Year!!

Hello, this is just a small message to say Riders do Wolfenstein#2  is up on youtube at the bottom. if you like the videos so far please feel free to share them, sub and all the rest- any support you can give us will be much appreciated. We should be doing at least three a week, for your mild entertainment.Anywho, enough of the self promotion. I thought I would add on here my hopes and wishes that everyone reading this has had a good year and your success will maintain into the next. If it has been a tough year for you then I am right there with you and I hope you find something or someone to turn things around and change your life for ever!  I hope 2015 is your year so Happy New Year and so to all I will say good night.


Youtube, Tech Tuesday.

So, entertainment, I will be honest and say I don’t really play a lot of games, except for the ones on our YouTube channel. It’s not because I don’t like gaming, it’s more because I enjoy writing more (strange, I know) I think this is because I’ve played games most of my life; from Nintendo 64 through to Playstation one, two, three and I’ve played a little on the PS4 (as you may of seen) so why have I fallen out with gaming? I think for me gaming was something interesting, something new, new worlds to explore, interesting stories to follow and unique characters. I think the issue for me is that gaming, in my mind, has become, dare I say, boring. I mean by this its stagnant. It is just rehashing of old games and the novelty has worn off for me. It’s the same with film too. I have alluded to this in a recent ‘The Week’ – everything is a bit too similar, a bit too predictable, a bit too easy. Take Call of duty ( where you’re some guy who will save the world from some other guy) and nobody really plays the story anymore anyway and that’s my issue, if there’s no story a game gets repetitive, boring and predictable. I’ve heard destiny is like this, repetitive. Perhaps the issue is that games have become so popular and therefore so overcrowded that it has become a toxic area.

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The Week #6 28th december 2014

Hi, well then, I hope you all had a splendid holiday with lots of merriment with your family and friends! Here in Shropshire, where I live, it’s been quite beautiful with snow at Christmas, Boxing Day to be specific but still amazing. Anyway, enough of my dewy eyed view at the beauty of the world. Let’s talk about what’s been going on this week over the holidays.; It looks like I was right after all in relation to the Sony hacking palaver (see last two the weeks to get up to date #4, #5) After everything has been said and done, it looks like it still may be what I suggested from the outset- Sony paying hackers to hack them for publicity but the hackers went too far and nothing to do with North Korea. I would like to applaud Sony for this stunt, pretending to pull it, then not, then releasing it so you can stream it or go to the cinema on the same night for the sake of “freedom” (slow clap)

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THE WEEK 21/12/14

Hello again. So, it’s almost Christmas. I am fairly excited. I’ll be honest. I am old school that way. I love all the family around on a cold, dark night with a hot fire to sit by, watching T.V. and chatting about life and the cosmos. It’s quite therapeutic and somewhat spiritual – so thought this week I would talk about the good in humanity that rarely gets talked about (a bit corny I know but screw it, it’s Christmas!) Continue reading THE WEEK 21/12/14

The Week 14th December, 2014

Here we are again, Sunday evening (might be midday morning or whatever for you) I’ve got a mug of tea and half a tube of smarties so let’s get to it. It’s my birthday; I have made it through another year without dying, well done me! Inevitably this week has seen me a bit obsessed with mortality and what I’m doing with my life. Don’t worry though; this isn’t going to turn into a self help thing with me expressing all my wants and fears. I only Continue reading The Week 14th December, 2014