The Week 29th March, 2015 #17

Hello. So this week I’m going to talk a little about mental health. I think it poignant that this is being alluded to after the Lufthansa crash this past week. From what I have read, seen and experienced, and I know my friends have too, it does seem that mental health is somewhat of a modern phenomena, obviously that is not to say that mental health in its variety of forms has not been around since man first discovered fire, but in the last few decades, since the end of the second World War, it has become a more common occurrence. Just in the UK 1 in 4 adults are diagnosed with some sort of issue of the mind, but let me clarify here I’m not talking about serious cases of mental unbalance or anything of that nature, what I’m referring to here are the issues that can be helped yet do affect a huge amount of people e.g. depression, isolation things that are usually triggered or compounded by society rather than a chemical imbalance of the mind. Reports coming out are pointing to the co-pilot having issues although why he chose to take his own and everyone else’s life aboard that aircraft is a mystery. It is a shocking and despicable crime that he can never be forgiven for. However, suicidal tendencies are increasing, fortunately most people are not so narcissistic Continue reading The Week 29th March, 2015 #17

The Week #16 15th March, 2015

Hello to ’The Week’ – this week I’m going to delve in to the world of books and, to put a finer point on it, being a writer. From my small grasp of it, writing is a delight! The ability to conjure up anything you want and pen it down is hugely liberating. Creating worlds we would love to go to and people we would like to meet, or even we wish we were. I think everyone should do it more often for themselves. The teaching of English in schools can be improved to have more creative writing in it. I appreciate that it is a difficult subject to teach but if we changed our approach to language and make it more individual, more exciting Continue reading The Week #16 15th March, 2015

The Week 8th March, 2015

So this week, I thought I would talk about the state of universities in the world and if a degree is even worth the paper it’s printed on.
I think the best place to start, as always, is the beginning. Gaining a degree or higher education has, for a few hundred years, at least been the stepping stone for young adult of the upper echelons of society to broaden their horizons. It was also the domain of real genius’, not the mensa phoneys, but real forward thinkers and creative flames, who may not have had the best start in life and Continue reading The Week 8th March, 2015

Tech Tuesday #3rd March 2015

So hello, it’s been a while, I’m sorry. I have been busy flying and working and writing – Anyhow – I thought for this Tuesday I would talk about the news of a computer programme that will make gamers obsolete, yep you heard me right, a programme has be designed to play games, learn and adapt and become better at said games, at the moment it is just old games like pong and the like but it is incredible. Reports have shown that the programme is 20% better at the games it plays than a human player can do but what is astonishing is that the programme is ten times better than humans with other games like minesweeper and the like. Ten times better than us! Continue reading Tech Tuesday #3rd March 2015

The Week #14 1st March, 2015

As it is Book Week I just want to say, if you fancy it, go buy The Horse Lord from Amazon. It would be good if I could get a few more sales in and get some attention from publishers, the link is on the Horse Lord page. Thanks,
So straight to it. After missing off last week, first we head to the USSR, oh apologies to the Russian federation, I mistook things for a second, due to how backwards Russia is today. You may or may not have heard that Boris Nemtsov was shot last week in Moscow just before he was to hold an opposition rally,

Continue reading The Week #14 1st March, 2015