The Week #20 Episode 4

−⓪∕⑤Finally to UKIP, the last party I looked at. I wasn’t sure how to view them really and I wasn’t sure I wanted to look at them as they  stand for pretty much the opposite of what I believe, but I headed over to their site and  I’ll be honest, I felt uncomfortable entering it. Not just because of the racism that people believe is at the core of this political party, and its’ xenophobia, but because it is a party of men and women who, by their nature, have no empathy for others.  However, I was determined to approach reading their manifesto objectively rather than emotionally so, with a mug of tea and a note book that only I can read (a bonus of being so dyslexic, no one else can read my notes or copy me) hear we go….

My first impression was the the site seemed, Continue reading The Week #20 Episode 4

Week #20 19th April, 2015 Episode Three

⓪∕⑤   Sorry about this if you like the liberals but zero from me. Poor Nick Clegg, what an idiot, all he had to do, five years ago, was not join with the Conservatives and force them to run the government alone, with a hung parliament that would have collapsed within a few months or a year then Nick, you could have walked into number ten as you would have had everyone clamoring for you and by sticking to your promises you would have had the students with you (and their parents) instead of becoming Cameron’s dog’s body. How foolish Continue reading Week #20 19th April, 2015 Episode Three

Week #20 20th April, Episode Two

①∕⑤   Right then, off to the Conservatives. So I headed off to their website and their home page annoyed me to start with as it looked like I would have to register to get in to read their information, until I noticed the camouflaged continue button to the top right. Which I was relieved about as it is hardly democratic to make us all register first in order to read what they plan to do! So, after getting past the huge image of David and his wife, I had a nosy around. Their first page has a British flag and that resonated with me for some reason (why haven’t the others?  Is it that the union jack is now seen as a right wing instrument – I suspect so, which is a shame, it is simply the symbol of Britain!) It is quite a good website, quite nice with lots of Continue reading Week #20 20th April, Episode Two

Week #20 19th April, 2015

Hello everyone. So this week I thought I would keep in theme with what’s going on in the national news and talk about British politics (hold on you non-Brits, don’t stop reading, this has ramifications for your own country as every country in the western world has similar problems in their economy so stay tuned, or skip to the end, up to you). What better way to start than to delve in to what the various parties say they are offering!!.  I decided I would have to read their manifestos,  I know no one does but I did and after untold hours reading and re-reading the five main parties manifesto (I’m not doing any of the provisional parties because I’m British and i think what they’re doing is raking this land of ours) I have come to some conclusions.  I realise this might be a massive turn-off and you stop reading here – but I am hoping that you will be musing who to vote for and as my whisking through the manifestos will be of interest.  As there is so much ‘stuff’ I am going to publish these ‘reviews’ in sections, a Party per day for this week, and give each manifesto a star rating of one to five.

I will give a brief outline of each of their plans and Continue reading Week #20 19th April, 2015

The Week 12th April, 2015 #19

Hello, this week I have been pondering on apps and the “free” tag line that is synonymous with a lot of entertainment we consume and is free always the best way?

I have been looking at the app industry for a possible future endeavour I have come to the conclusion that the tag line of “free” can have wider impact on us than just the benefit of something ‘free’. I suppose it is fairly interesting and the way the world has gone in the last 8 years or so with internet based products such as facebook, youtube and the like coming to dominate their representative genres and both are free! I can see it made sense when both were being set up to be free, facebook being a system set up for social interaction in university and using university servers so students could keep the actually cost minimal. However, the huge Continue reading The Week 12th April, 2015 #19

The Week 6th April, 2015 #18

Hello again to The Week. I am sorry I’m a day late but you know Bank holidays and Easter kind of took precedence. Anyway I’m back and I’ve been pondering on the environment or more specifically, good clean energy. With energy needs at their highest ever in human history, is enough time, money and expertise being set on trying to create a sustainable energy supply or are big oil companies and the old guard that do bank roll a lot of our governments putting their own greed before the wellbeing of our descendents and our planet? So to delve into this question, we best start at the beginning.
Most of us should, by now, know what global warming is and how our own energy needs impact on the world around us, if you don’t then, briefly, global warming is that due to green house gases our planet has a steady rise in temperature, meaning for us, possibly the end of life as we know it! That is it, plain and simple. If you don’t believe it is a problem then there is nothing I can say to you on this but, accepting the premise that is is a problem, let’s move on from what it is and look at the facts Continue reading The Week 6th April, 2015 #18