The Week #32 29th November, 2015

Hello!  My recent school tour has caused me to reflect further on how youtubers affect school children.

Old media is asking why is Youtube so popular, what gives? Why do millions and millions like to watch someone else play games or talk about stuff?  To explore that I will start off by sharing with you my own likes and dislikes to do with YouTube and Continue reading The Week #32 29th November, 2015

The Week #31 22nd November 2015

Welcome back to ‘The Week’.  I thought it was respectful to leave it a while before I commented on the tragic events in Paris.  It was all too raw last week.  What I’m going to talk about today isn’t the event itself but the state of affairs that led up to seven men killing so many innocent people.

The issue we have with fundamental terrorism of the like we saw last week is Continue reading The Week #31 22nd November 2015

Calling India and Brazil

I am glad to say that both Rose’s Story and Horse Lord now available on India Amazon and Brazil – see links below.  I would love to hear from readers in India and Brazil to check that both the e-version and paperback service is working ok –  and any feedback on the stories is always welcome. I hope you enjoy them both.

Rose’s Story India Amazon           The Horse Lord India Amazon

Rose’s Story Brazil             The Horse Lord Brazil


The Week #30 8th November, 2015

Hello campers – it’s been a while since I did one of these, sorry about that, it’s been difficult with how busy I’ve been, any way I’ve got a good topic today so let’s get into it. As many of you will have seen, I have had a few weeks of success culminating in winning the Shropshire award. So that was great, but I continue to seek that major publisher, and that has taken a step back with the news that Continue reading The Week #30 8th November, 2015

Hope you had a good Halloween.

I hope you all had a good Halloween.  Interesting survey by The Independent on top twenty scariest movies – not sure I would put them in this order – and there are a few missing in my book but a good discussion topic!

1. The Omen (1976)

2. The Exorcist (1971)

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Continue reading Hope you had a good Halloween.