The Week #27 28th June, 2015

Hello and welcome to The Week. I could talk about the atrocious attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait but after the USA Church atrocity last week, and the mass death of migrants the weeks before I don’t think Isis need any more publicity, even if it is from my small blog. Isis as an issue can only be sorted by a combined strike of all western countries but after Afghanistan and Iraq we don’t have the stomach for it any more.  I thought I would concentrate this week on accounts of rich kids on Instagram and such like. As an avid non user of most social media I don’t have Instagram but it’s not hard to find evidence of these rich kids everywhere else. The fact that there are so many of them makes my face screw up even more, who views these and why? I directly attribute the peacock Continue reading The Week #27 28th June, 2015

The Week #26 21st June, 2015

Hello and welcome to The Week.  I didn’t have time to do one last week as I was away at a conference. This week the main news everyone will have seen by now is the killing of nine people in the Charlestown Church shooting. I’m not going to talk about that specific event as it is far too raw for some guy from Britain to be looking through it and what possessed that man to do such an evil thing. What I am going to talk about is the race issue in America, as a neutral outsider I believe I can see past the patriotism and political manoeuvring by Americans, as John Stewart pointed out this week, there are deep roots sunk in America’s short bloody history and devastating Continue reading The Week #26 21st June, 2015

The Week #25 7th June, 2015

So, this week I am going to be talking about the immigration epidemic going on around Europe on all fronts, and what can be done about it.  If you are European you probably know or have heard about the disaster off the Mediterranean coast at the moment – if you haven’t or if you are from further afield then let me bring you up to speed. There been a boom of immigration via Turkey and all along the north African coast into Europe as a result of war in North Africa and because of hardship in drought areas – coupled with war in the Middle East pushing millions from their homes, all in search of a better life – and so they are seeking this by getting across the med to start a new life in the greener fields of Europe, who can blame them?   The dark side of

Continue reading The Week #25 7th June, 2015