What a week – thanks to everyone.

What a great week. Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my winning the Pride of Shropshire award – and listening to me on BBC Radio – quite a day.  Great fun. Everyone I met were really friendly.  Looking forward to seeing folks at the forthcoming library and schools event.

winning shropshire

something a little different in The Week

youtube the week click the link to a new way I formatting the week we see how it go, i will admit my predictions about the rugby were a little off but oh well, listen to me tomorrow on BBC Shropshire radio at 8;45 talking about the books, if you’re in the uk. That’s it tonight –  have a good week. The new book covers are out and i think thay look damn good. Pick them up here rose story uk and horse lord if your not in the uk just put my name in to amazon and you find it Tomos Roberts<< copy paste that.

Thanks bye

The Week 4th October, 2015

Hello and welcome to something a bit special. So this is it, two years work come down to this –  both The Horse Lord and Rose’s Story are now available in paperback, which is epic!!! and on top of that our YouTube channel Riders North is back up and hitting it out of the park. If you are a new subscriber and you came in because of one of the videos or pictures or ads then welcome!  This is a busy weekend for me and I’m pleased that you have taken the time to come read this and watch the video, I hope you have subscribed here and for the YouTube channel, and followed us everywhere as we move up the next level – there is a lot of content for you to see.  First the books, if you brought the book this weekend then you’re in luck as the next is already finished so get reading the first two, if you haven’t already, as the third in the series is just around the corner.   We are building a real international group, I am pleased to see so many people from Germany, France, Italy and the States joining – I hope Continue reading The Week 4th October, 2015