The Games

After the Great War and the fall of the Elvin Overlords, along with the disappearance (assumed death) of Abaddon ‘The Great Evil’, humans have ruled the six provinces of Capricorn for eight thousand years. The North Province is the home of the horse warriors that settled the Great War. They are a people that operate on meritocracy and equality, very different values from the other, cousin, provinces. They arrive at the capital of the Empire to celebrate the Moon festival with their closest allies in the south. The festival signifies a new moon schedule and is a major celebration. However, the long period of peace is under threat. As the Riders of the North arrive in the capital city a dark power is plotting, with the aim to plunge the lands of men into a bloody civil war but who is pulling the strings and why now?

For those who have read The Horse Lord, ride once more with Teo and his warriors and meet a new selection of characters from across the Provinces.  Coming soon THE GAMES

Release date – 17th October 2016

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