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The Week 31# 23rd August, 2015

Hello and welcome to The Week. It’s back to normal this week with a look at what’s been going on in the world. Of course there is the immigrant issue, rumbling on and on with Macedonia rushing soldiers to its borders to try and stop the huge flow of refugees while Britain sits on the periphery of it all, not allowing a few thousand in. My feelings on this is that I have no issue with inward and outward migration and anyone who says that our Continue reading The Week 31# 23rd August, 2015

The Week #31 (well kind of!!)

Hello and sorry that I’ve been a bit all over the place this week with the book launch and bikes and the rest. Anywho, we will be back to normal from tomorrow with the return of the final sections on ‘how to market’. Next weekend I am planning to do a piece covering a lot of stuff from the last month and hopefully some new videos will be out soon, once a crucial part of the team gets back from Budapest! Just a heads’ up for what’s going on. Week one of the launch of Rose’s story has gone well and I would be really appreciative if you could help keep the momentum going – Rose is here or the Horse Lord here or why not both?  So please get your copy and encourage your family and friends to do the same. For my american friends, use this one for horselord and this one for Roses’s Story,

I have an Instagram now aswell (riders_of_the_north) – I thought I would give it a go and I think that’s how you find me there. If you use instagram then say hello and follow me if you want to see pictures of stuff I do day to day such as my dog (everyone loves him) or motorbikes and some-time helicopters – its worth a follow.

If you could share something of mine with your friends and family that would be brilliant and do stay locked in on the site as hopefully, coming soon, will be a site shop with some pretty cool things.

So I am sorry there are none of my usual rants or damning indictments on the world this week – just having to focus on the book so I do appreciate it if you can give me a hand to keep that going and then next week I’ll be back to normal. Have a great week and enjoy your reading!!

The Week # Friday 14th August

You can dream and wish for the viral success but in reality it’s not something you can rely on. Trust me, I hope every morning and every night that my books will explode in popularity, don’t we all, but the reality is you probably won’t get even close to that. However, you could try to implement the ‘pillar’ system. This is identifying Continue reading The Week # Friday 14th August

The Week #Thursday 13th August

Back to the theme ‘Get that book out there.’ So there you are, you’re waiting for your viral moment to happen – you have got on with the Facebook angle, that’s the big one, and done a bit on twitter, another good angle to work if you know the game although, as I said, for the majority of us twitter won’t do much as it is for those that already have a big following – if you haven’t got an audience or you don’t know somebody who does have an audience then you are shouting out in an Continue reading The Week #Thursday 13th August

The week #30 10th August, 2015 HOW TO GET THAT BOOK OUT THERE!

I think I’ve been at this for 30 weeks, I may have skipped the last two because of all the other stuff I have been doing so I’ll say 30 now (damn that’s a long time.) Any who, it’s gone fairly well so, from humble beginnings, and all the rest. My series on what it is to be a small time writer, that I did last week was well received, thanks, check it out here >>> if you haven’t already.  I thought I would continue the theme this week with the launch of Rose’s story, my second book, low bow thank you, I suppose first things first, Rose is out and I’m really happy with it. I found it a little bit difficult, more so than the first book, because I could kind of visualise myself in the main roles of Teo and the rest, whereas with Rose’s story the main character is a young girl, so not so easy but saying that it was liberating and  I enjoyed it a lot so I hope you pick it up now from here here>>

Continue reading The week #30 10th August, 2015 HOW TO GET THAT BOOK OUT THERE!

how to, writing number three

However, there is hope. My advice to young writers wanting to take on the establishment is to become tech savvy, become social media savvy as early on it’s possible –  the better way to get your book out there is to already have a large audience ready to buy your book.  To get a large audience you will need to work a certain area so you get lots of people interested in that area, or try building a following on YouTube or another options is to finally just pay for a following. I have seen more and more people doing this on Facebook and the like with blue tickets, if you have got money try that.  I didn’t do any of that – I just put all my faith in my writing which meant I had a slow first launch. Then you have to maintain that audience with free snippets, which I put out.  It’s also about making a bit of a splash and hoping you get seen. With that in mind don’t just have one thing done and sit back, have more ready so if you do start to build and audience then you’ll need another book or a short story to fill the gap between larger works. As I’ve said, it takes a long time to write so don’t be caught on the hop – keep writing and be ready in case you are successful and have the material to build on that success.
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So, this is ‘helpsomeone week’ – you may have seen some of the tweets, hashtags and so on- the help someone week is just about helping somebody in the smallest of ways  – great idea.  I thought I would apply this to the creative world too – let’s face it,we all need our friends to support us – so how about going to listen to your friend’s band playing, give them a hand by carrying their camera gear around,help them set up a photo, go watch them in that play they are in or read their book – trying to be creative takes a lot of work and all of these things take up a lot of time to practise, revise and produce so why not have a creative friends focus this week and support them in their endeavours – and they might support you in yours.

Look out for the smaller names rather than follow those who have already made it and give new starters a helping hand.   This is also the week leading up to the launch of my second book, Rose’s Story – it would be great if you would spare a few minutes to give me a little help by following my work here – check out the first book, The Horse Lord  – if you haven’t already read it and make a note to look out for Rose’s Story.

The Week 19th July, 2015 #28

In ‘The Week’ this week I thought I would take a further look at the budget and any impact on business. As an owner of a small business I wondered if there would be anything remotely helpful to me in the budget. For big business the corporate tax will drop, just before the next election to 17% of profits over £300,000, which is nice if you’re earning that amount but apart from that there wasn’t anything helpful for start ups or small businesses, just a load of ‘future help’ and ‘areas of growth’ and new ‘authority’ and so on, yardy-yard, boring.

There was more about increasing the devolved powers to Scotland, giving them the noose to hang themselves with as far as I can see.  The government plans to isolate Scotland into a prison of their own making, the rhetoric Continue reading The Week 19th July, 2015 #28