how to, writing number three

However, there is hope. My advice to young writers wanting to take on the establishment is to become tech savvy, become social media savvy as early on it’s possible –  the better way to get your book out there is to already have a large audience ready to buy your book.  To get a large audience you will need to work a certain area so you get lots of people interested in that area, or try building a following on YouTube or another options is to finally just pay for a following. I have seen more and more people doing this on Facebook and the like with blue tickets, if you have got money try that.  I didn’t do any of that – I just put all my faith in my writing which meant I had a slow first launch. Then you have to maintain that audience with free snippets, which I put out.  It’s also about making a bit of a splash and hoping you get seen. With that in mind don’t just have one thing done and sit back, have more ready so if you do start to build and audience then you’ll need another book or a short story to fill the gap between larger works. As I’ve said, it takes a long time to write so don’t be caught on the hop – keep writing and be ready in case you are successful and have the material to build on that success.

Although traditional publishers are hard work I still recommend that you send to them, alongside your e-book work, and send   to lots – not just one. They take an age to respond so it is no use sending to one and then waiting for them to respond – they will take a long time so send out to five or more at a time –  but don’t blanket send, make each submission personal and do your research, have a look at the agents individually on the publishers’ websites – there maybe be one who might have similar interests to your work or something you can connect with (Why do you think so many publishers friends and partners get published)  Another tip is that if a publisher is interested in your work they will Google you so make sure that when they do they find that you have a presence by having stuff already there  such as your blog or vlog to show you are productive.
But even with all this the best way to get published is to get into the game itself – networking still rules so get a job in a publishing house, make friends with a publisher or an agent – that is the best sure fire way of getting a book published – who you know and that’s just me being truthful.

so that day three i hope you get the plan here new content ever day until the launch so if your enjoying this or the photo please tell your friends and family, spread the word so hopefully i can get an ever bigger launch with rose’s and il be closer to launch the GAMES!! see you tomrow same time.

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