The Battle of Britain eps 2

So, continuing from yesterday, first of all, let’s say Hitler hadn’t changed orders to bomb the main cities of the United Kingdom and had, instead, just concentrated on the airfields then, without a shadow of doubt, the Royal Air Force would have bled to death with the loss of an irreplaceable number of aircraft and personnel. If that had happened the Germans would have completely controlled the air over Britain, cutting us off from our colonies and the Americas and all the aid pouring in from them and the rest of the world.  If the RAF had been smashed then the U-boats would be free to terrorise the Atlantic convoys. Bomber groups from Northern France and Denmark would have had free rein to attack the Atlantic convoys with complete annihilation as the inevitable outcome. The Royal Navy, the largest navy in the world at the time, would have been smashed to bits by the unfettered Luftwaffe, leaving the North Atlantic at the mercy of the German pocket battleships; the Graf spray and Bismarck, and the United Kingdom would have been completely isolated, with the result that slowly and inevitably it would have grown weaker and weaker, resulting in eventual capitulation or maybe even a land invasion by the Germans. If this had happened then it would have meant the end of the United Kingdom as a fighting force in the Second World War and by that definition, the end of the Allies.

Remember, at this point America hadn’t even joined the war yet – they were still messing about so you’re talking about the German military would only have Russia to focus on and we can already see from operation Barbarossa and the invasion of Russia that the Germans, with a little bit more planning and more equipment would have most likely reached Moscow. Just think if the entirety of the German force had been there and it’s not a massive leap to suggest that the Russians could have been defeated or at least pushed back to the Urals, from where any kind of significant operation would have been extremely difficult. At that point Germany and Italy would easily walk over British and French African colonies creating a super rich empire that historically the German Kaiser, long before Hitler, had dreamt of – an empire the likes of which the world had only really seen when the British Empire was at its height – but a dictator in charge instead of a Parliament or democracy.

So who would be left to take up the challenge? An isolated Australia, America and Canada against a German superpower/ Italian power and an imperial power in Japan with free reign in Burma and Singapore, which would no doubt mean the lightning campaign that did happen would have been even faster as the Japanese Imperial Navy would have been able to fully concentrate on the annihilation of the American Pacific fleet and the quick dispatch of American and Australian forces in the region, without worrying about the British/Indian forces in Singapore and Burma.
If the war continued then it would have been on America’s doorstep with German U-boats launched from Britain and Ireland with even Iceland, intercepting American heavy ships, air-craft carriers and the like, whilst the German Air Force may even have been able to develop sufficient bombers to reach out to New York and maybe even Washington via Greenland. So the reality is that if Britain had lost the Battle of Britain and the RAF had been smashed then Britain would have fallen and the rest would follow…. to be continued!

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