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The Week #26 21st June, 2015

Hello and welcome to The Week.  I didn’t have time to do one last week as I was away at a conference. This week the main news everyone will have seen by now is the killing of nine people in the Charlestown Church shooting. I’m not going to talk about that specific event as it is far too raw for some guy from Britain to be looking through it and what possessed that man to do such an evil thing. What I am going to talk about is the race issue in America, as a neutral outsider I believe I can see past the patriotism and political manoeuvring by Americans, as John Stewart pointed out this week, there are deep roots sunk in America’s short bloody history and devastating Continue reading The Week #26 21st June, 2015

The Week #25 7th June, 2015

So, this week I am going to be talking about the immigration epidemic going on around Europe on all fronts, and what can be done about it.  If you are European you probably know or have heard about the disaster off the Mediterranean coast at the moment – if you haven’t or if you are from further afield then let me bring you up to speed. There been a boom of immigration via Turkey and all along the north African coast into Europe as a result of war in North Africa and because of hardship in drought areas – coupled with war in the Middle East pushing millions from their homes, all in search of a better life – and so they are seeking this by getting across the med to start a new life in the greener fields of Europe, who can blame them?   The dark side of

Continue reading The Week #25 7th June, 2015

The Week #24 31st May, 2015

So this week we have big, big stories in the world all to do with corruption so let’s get onto it. This week, the whole saga that is Fifa crumbled in front of us with almost all the high ranking officials being arrested for bribery, racketeering and laundering money, similar to the raids on the mafia in the 90s. A quick summary for those who have missed it; FIFA, which is a charity, has been taking massive kickbacks from business cartels and so on in South America to fix matches in the South America league, so that is fairly bad but not a complete shock as  Fifa has been called out since the mid 1990s for corruption from people within the set up and from without. However, recently they have become over confident, bold, by giving the next two world cups to two countries that don’t deserve it and calls that Rio paid a truckload of money for it – all alluded to but now this has become a big deal as it looks like there is hard evidence. Russia and Continue reading The Week #24 31st May, 2015

The Week #23 24th May, 2015

So back to chatting about what’s going on around the world at the moment now the election is over with.  Gay marriage – now legalised in Ireland after a high number of news outlets claimed it wouldn’t pass due to the huge catholic population living outside the urban areas and this got me thinking about gay marriage in general.  There is a lot of legal moves going on around the world at the moment; in the USA around 70% of the population live in a state where it is legal; in the UK it has been legal for a while, except in Northern Ireland – so why this change in the past few years and why has it taken so long? Continue reading The Week #23 24th May, 2015

The Week #21 6th May, 2015

So there you go, after spending a whole weekend reading all the manifestos side by side that is what I learned from them. Realistically though I think I have showed that none of the parties really know what they’re doing. The system itself is at fault here so in this week I am going to outline what I see is wrong with the system and then put forward my own plan for our country, as if I was standing as a member of parliament, so let’s begin.

We need to look at a bit of the history revolving around the economy for the last 30 odd years, the boom and bust system and what has happened to the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, so we can understand why our political parties are so woeful now. I think the big issue is our business sector. We have one of the shabbiest in the world with the profit and bonuses over-ruling aim, rather than longevity, Continue reading The Week #21 6th May, 2015

Week #20 19th April, 2015

Hello everyone. So this week I thought I would keep in theme with what’s going on in the national news and talk about British politics (hold on you non-Brits, don’t stop reading, this has ramifications for your own country as every country in the western world has similar problems in their economy so stay tuned, or skip to the end, up to you). What better way to start than to delve in to what the various parties say they are offering!!.  I decided I would have to read their manifestos,  I know no one does but I did and after untold hours reading and re-reading the five main parties manifesto (I’m not doing any of the provisional parties because I’m British and i think what they’re doing is raking this land of ours) I have come to some conclusions.  I realise this might be a massive turn-off and you stop reading here – but I am hoping that you will be musing who to vote for and as my whisking through the manifestos will be of interest.  As there is so much ‘stuff’ I am going to publish these ‘reviews’ in sections, a Party per day for this week, and give each manifesto a star rating of one to five.

I will give a brief outline of each of their plans and Continue reading Week #20 19th April, 2015

The Week 12th April, 2015 #19

Hello, this week I have been pondering on apps and the “free” tag line that is synonymous with a lot of entertainment we consume and is free always the best way?

I have been looking at the app industry for a possible future endeavour I have come to the conclusion that the tag line of “free” can have wider impact on us than just the benefit of something ‘free’. I suppose it is fairly interesting and the way the world has gone in the last 8 years or so with internet based products such as facebook, youtube and the like coming to dominate their representative genres and both are free! I can see it made sense when both were being set up to be free, facebook being a system set up for social interaction in university and using university servers so students could keep the actually cost minimal. However, the huge Continue reading The Week 12th April, 2015 #19

Tech Tuesday # 7  10th February, 2015

Hello, this Tuesday I thought I would talk about the new Samsung TV, some of you may have read or seen things about this new TV that may be listening to your conversations for the purpose of marketing.

Is it an invasion of personal space, of our liberties? Quite possibly, it is up to you to decide. Some may say they have nothing to hide and it doesn’t matter, some of you maybe a little troubled, but in fact this is not a new thing. Continue reading Tech Tuesday # 7  10th February, 2015

THE WEEK 21/12/14

Hello again. So, it’s almost Christmas. I am fairly excited. I’ll be honest. I am old school that way. I love all the family around on a cold, dark night with a hot fire to sit by, watching T.V. and chatting about life and the cosmos. It’s quite therapeutic and somewhat spiritual – so thought this week I would talk about the good in humanity that rarely gets talked about (a bit corny I know but screw it, it’s Christmas!) Continue reading THE WEEK 21/12/14