The Week, 24th January, 2016

Hello and welcome to the week, this week I am going to talk about the US presidential race, seeing as this will take the main stage for the next year, and our lack of proper winter here, and the heavy snow fall in New York, it’s definitely a time to look longingly across the pond!.

So from the off I think I think I will talk about the democrats this week, a nicer start as the republicans are such a bag of noisy cats, it’s going to take to time to figure out what they are actually on about. So will this be Hillary’s year? Will America vote in another person related to a former president? You do seem to like your dynasties USA, and you wanted to get rid of a king! It might happen, if not for the scandal and old politics she is tied up with.  I wouldn’t mind her in office; it would be a safe pair of hands for most Americans. She has been in politics most her life, she is strong, bold, but is she too much of the old world? The things is about the States, similar to most other modern nations, the people, me and you, are fed up with the old and want something radical, is she radical enough?  And there is the obvious fact that she a women – I know for many countries it’s not so much of an issue but the United States is still a country riddled with sexism and will Americans pick a women to lead their nation?  I have a feeling a lot of older men will say no to that, so is she a bad move for the democrats?  My personal opinion is that I like her, she a strong women, lots of experience, but she has too much of the old world around her and is a bit too confident that she will get the nomination for my liking. But it’s not my choice.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand, is a bit of a radical, a bit of something different – even though he is an old white man I do quite like him but he a self proclaimed socialist, which is almost a dirty world in part of the States. I like him – more like Labour in my own happy country, however I think he is too much of a radical to ever get elected.

And the others don’t have much of a chance and I’m working on a new project so I have not got the time to get into all that – it is likely to be Hillary’s time – but not sure it is the Democratic Party’s time – so next week I will look at the Republican’s!

Have a good week.


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