The Week 31st January, 2016

So a week has gone by and, following on from last week, it’s time to switch tack to the Republican Party and the madness that is going on with them.

I’m just going to talk about Trump this week and I may do the others at a later date, he is going to take up a fair bit of time! I will have a look at why he is attracting attention, a glance at his back story, and lastly, I will give my own opinion

From the off Mr Trump has blown the political scene apart, or has he? If you read anything that anyone is currently writing about him, that is usually how they start. But is that really true? I disagree. There have been plenty of other presidential or vice-presidential runners who have said extreme things – and try to talk ‘down with the folk!’ – it’s something we’ve seen before, so it’s not his style, as that isn’t unique, so what attracts people to him? Well, I think it’s because people across the Western world are fed up with their lives and, to be brutally honest about it, they are bored – so they want controversy, something to spice things up. For most people in middle America life is far too easy, and in being so, it is very mundane. Consumerism means so many of us just live to go shopping to supermarkets, mega-markets, malls, things like that. It’s all too easy, so people are poised for change, to shake things up. I mean it doesn’t take a genius to see why shows like the Walking Dead are so popular. People are bored, especially middle-aged white people who have it the easiest. Yet, instead of saying ‘hang on, right let’s work on making things better, embrace and influence the way our society changes – so many just get angry and what to fight someone instead of fixing things. And so that is why every Trump rally that I have watched on-line looks like it’s a swamp meet, mixed with a party, with the majority of women and men, all fat and indulged, yelling nonsense. So, his rise is not because he’s fresh or exciting, his appeal is purely due to he presents chaos to a bored, indulged, generation. The difference being he is not running to be in charge of an extreme adventure holiday destination, or something that you do want to be chaotic. He is running to be the guy who has his hands on the nuclear trigger, chaos isn’t something you really want there!

So what his past shown us? Well, he is not a self-made man, despite his spin, the man is a super privileged mummy’s boy, repressed and narcissistic, who consequently doesn’t understand how lucky he is (like a lot of privileged people) It was his father, Fred Trump, who made the family money, in real-estate, ably backed by Fred’s mother, Elizabeth Trump, so is grandson Trump a good business man? No, he is a shark who has been incredibly lucky not to see the inside of a jail cell, being well-connected is the bed-fellow of ‘luck’. He is a “billionaire”, so in the states that can mean that he can do what he wants, and with the age-old fawning over the wealthy, which happens both sides of the pond. and across the world – he was given the TV show The Apprentice, to add more money to his bulging coffers. So all his past tells us is that he was born into wealth and had more heaped on him – he trundled along, and like so many with great wealth bestowed on them, he has blundered about and become the ‘celebrity’ that our modern society so worships – Not the makings of a great leader of the free world!

So my opinion is this; the man is the personification of what anyone under 35 is fighting against. He is a monster of the 80’s, from a time of greed, sexism, racism and so much that is wrong in this world –  and these types are having a revival!!!  Why, well because we have a generation of middle-aged and ‘baby boomers’, who somehow seem to think they are having it hard and need a far-right resolution – when in reality they need to move over as it is they who have made a mess of things – the first lot to actually bestow less opportunities to those that follow – no free education for my generation, no hopping up the property ladder – they burned the ladder to stop those younger than themselves having access to the ladder – scaremongering so there is more conflict in the world. Most people under 35 don’t think the way this old generation do but we are so hamstrung by the world the older folk have created, we struggle to be represented or influence the world to be more how we want it. And so men like Trump are able to use their wealth to try to take over the United States – as money buys the office in this media world. And if he is successful that will cause the USA to fall into a downward trajectory – as it spirals out of control – economically, financially, militarily and socially. That’s my opinion – All I can hope for is the silent majority, who rose up and elected America’s first black President – will take action again to tell the Donald Trump’s of this world – You’re Fired!

Have a good week.


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