The Week #31 22nd November 2015

Welcome back to ‘The Week’.  I thought it was respectful to leave it a while before I commented on the tragic events in Paris.  It was all too raw last week.  What I’m going to talk about today isn’t the event itself but the state of affairs that led up to seven men killing so many innocent people.

The issue we have with fundamental terrorism of the like we saw last week is that there seems to be no way of stopping it or even combating it. This is because our society, as I have talked about in the past, actually breeds resentment and anger. Look at rich people hatred of the poor in the UK, and vice versa. Throw into this vast socio/economic imbalanced melting pot some extreme ideas and you have yourself an extremist – usually from working class families who is so embittered that they join up to be part of something; even if that something is a bigoted, extremist, xenophobic, warmongering group of idiots.

So how do we stop that? Well, as has been shown with Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria as well as Lebanon and most of North Africa – fighting them does little good as most of these groups are itching for a fight. So sending them off in droves to their Gods only increases their extremist leaning and adds to the propaganda of ‘martyrdom’. The only way to fight isis is to educate our own people, to squash the working gulf between rich and poor, to create a fair society and starve these groups of their hundreds of walking bombs. These radicalised young people go down this road because of their loneliness, embittered feelings, and isolation. They are easy targets for a more savvy and younger group like isis.

Let’s be clear about this, at the end of the day, as was show again with the Paris attacks, the isis leaders are completely insane – people from this fair flung country’s that just want to kill us. They simply want to have the power of terror but they are small in number and need to pull vulnerable people in to do their will.  So, if we as a community could come together and help educate our young to see the positives of being free then maybe we can dilute their influence. We should get rid of faith schools that act contrary to the Western view of free expression, of equality –  and make sure our children in the West (regardless of their culture) grow up with all the information they need to make educated decisions, to respect and value each other – in this way we can starve this group and they will falter because as soon as we take away the bottom layer of uneducated, frightened boys, we can go after the men who hide behind them, those higher up who are giving the orders – there won’t be many of them and we will have to kill them for this to stop – but with the small leadership dealt with and no followers – it will bring an end to this awful situation.

So sorry to end on such a bloody note but that is how it is. Just a short commentary today, next week I will be back to doing a bit longer  piece and maybe some video, as everything getting a little quieter now, which is nice. If you found this interesting feel free to re post it – make sure people can navigate to my site if you do share so they can have a look for themselves.  Thanks and have a good week.

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