Part Two Labour and Corbyn 19th September, 2015

To continue from yesterday.  It is good to see someone like Corbyn call out businesses, including farmers, to stand on their own two feet. I admire the points he makes about investing in building new council houses for rent and increase spending try to turn the country into a high skill/high tech power. I do have an issue with the UK having no home grown world level tech companies. I feel this isn’t right for us as an inventive nation but I am sceptical of printing more money as there could be inflationary consequences. I do think we need to put some controls on the building industry and direct what they are building as the amount of money they are screwing out of people has almost put a stop to the country’s growth but the big issue we need to tackle in this country is the stigma attached to manual skills and apprenticeships – as that’s what we need more of, skilled workers: engineers, trades, etc. – as we have plenty of thinkers but we need practical people to take thoughts and make them into reality if we are to compete with Germany, with value placed on skilled workers we could beat them – as we have the ideas.

Cobyn’s stand on re-nationalisation is a difficult one. I agree that some areas should be under national control e.g. power and rail but the worry is corruption and too much power given when there is only one supplier. We need to tackle the laziness that runs alongside some unions who want to go back to build their power base of the 70s – the self-interest of some unions did overshadow what might be best for all and that isn’t any good for our nation. I think unions are useful but at the same time 80% of people high up in the hierarchy of the unions are in it for power and self-importance – much more than ensuring there are jobs for today, tomorrow and the next century! However, the rail network need to be set up better as the majority are bloody useless, so I agree with Corbyn on that point but it needs to be set up so we don’t have trade unions running the show, as I feel he wants it, because that is where his naivety is showing. I would feel more comfortable if there were clear structure to show their role as partners not dictators. Let’s be honest, just look at the Tube strike, some unions have too much power – ordinary Joe Public was surprised to find out that a tube driver is paid the same wage as a Lieutenant Colonel or a Head/Deputy Headteacher – that is madness. What is the point of educating oneself and working your way up to be running a school or to be willing to take the responsibility of making life and death decisions when you could be paid the same for a shorter training period to be a tube driver? That job is paid well more than it merits so there is little sympathy from Joe Public for the unions on that one.

Moving onto Corbyn’s anti austerity stance – that is a tough one to weigh up. I agree with him that you need to free up the economy and spend money on talent and finding ways out instead of the austere and restricting measures that is this government’s only answer. But due to his very left-wing stance, he is likely to spend too much in the wrong place. I agree the cuts to benefits have been too deep, too far, but we can’t go back to how we were – we do need to bring our society back into a work not relief culture and I’m worried his super left tendencies might stray too far to the left and we end up with even greater state dependency from swathes of society.

The big area I can’t agree with Corbyn on is that it is all fine to be a peace loving person who is anti war and weapons – and that is OK to hold that view for a normal person but for a future PM this presents a problem. There will be situations where hard choices have to be made and the ability to use deadly force may be the right thing to do – which I don’t think he can do so his leadership of the country could be seen as fatally damaged. Now don’t mistake me, I agree with him on trident. I don’t see why we need nukes, if it all goes to pot then us throwing gas on the fire isn’t going to matter. What we could do though is get rid of all of them – but not tell the world so save the money and keep face! But what will Corbyn do? Will he strengthen ties with Russia or more importantly China?

So how will we be perceived on the world stage? Will Britain step further from the United States? Questions to ponder on and I will give my response on those tomorrow.

Have a good week. If you take the newspapers you may have seen the recent press interviews I did about Rose’s Story so do support me and get a copy of Rose if you haven’t already. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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