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So it’s been a week since I watched the election, I was surprised that labour went with Corbyn. It’s definitely a bold move as there has never been such a left-wing Prime Minister in all British history.  So let’s start with his appeal, well from the off there was no one worth their salt to go up against him realistically – all the other opponents are either tainted by the foul stench of being too close to Ed or Blair to really make them new and innovative.  I know my mum voted for Yvette Cooper, who would have been a good leader but she is too close to Ed and the established political classes, I can see why Corbyn won as a real statement for the left but I’m just perplexed for what it means for the next general election.

His ‘out of the fringe’ appearance is total in vogue with the majority of young Britain’s who feel isolated from a government that is self-interested. So from the off he has pull from the youth more so than any other politician in recent times and the fact that he comes across as a decent human being only bolsters this further, but is Corbyn right for the job? That’s the issue I’m pondering today, I’m not a labour supporter even though both my parents were heavily involved with the party and I have voted for them in the past. I say this to be as clear as possible in case people think I’m biased, so Corbyn is he the one to change things, for all of us? Well let’s have a look. From the off the man has had a normal life in many ways, he is similar to my parents, incredibly similar in a lot of ways, apart from his massive links with big unions, and he is defiantly much further left than my parents.
He seems a solid guy, he is not a millionaire by inheritance, seems like a normal bloke growing up in a time when the country was a hard but with a spark of bright future in front that he wanted to work towards.

But what is he after, what’s his aim and what is he all about?  Let’s start with taxation and jump right in to that hotbed. Corbyn is an advocate of higher tax bracket taxes as well as a living wage which sounds good but is it – well it really depends on what he classes as higher tax bracket.   I’m all for living wage increase but taxing top bracket of earners is a difficult one for me, as I will explain. People in a good job may fall into the higher tax bracket but take home less than a couple who each earn a little bit less – is that fair? I’m all for taxing the CEO and top bankers and people earning over £200,000 a year footballers especially but I feel this would be better sorted by more levels of tax not a blanket 40% tax it is already too low – £42,000 is a good wage but to start losing 40% as soon as you go over that is harsh when compared to those on £100,000 – that needs to be changed so more people will be willing to pay tax instead of doing dodgy things.

Corbyn has not said he will do that, he just states that he wants to tax more which I don’t think is a positive step forward. Having more layers of tax levels, a better look at how they are earning their income and the number of dependents they have would be a more robust approach to taxation. This is the big issue with Britain – there shouldn’t be all this wealth war between people who for all intents and purposes have the same life style – the issue is footballers and bankers and it should be those that Corbyn needs to have a plan for – so they contribute more, an issue Corbyn not alluded to so far. But if anyone will I do feel it will be him instead of the conservatives who will make the case.

On the up side he has said he will tackle tax evaders and I actually believe he will, unlike Cameron who I feel is deliberately ignoring this issue due to his mates. The amount of money people squirrel away is a ton I dread to think what that adds up to on a national scale.

I also like Corbyn’s approach to tax relief. I’m a firm believer that if you want the benefits of capitalism then you take the risks that come with it, as with the milk famers – let the market determine the price. So I am against government money to support business or the like, as with the farmers let them fail if there is oversupply – then we will get equilibrium with enough farmers to make the food instead of too many, as we have now. A word on that, how can a group of right wing activists, such as farmers, who in the main vote Tory every time, claim that they want the milk industry nationalised or subsidised because some of them are going out of business. If you want to be left alone to do what they wish with their money they can’t come crying to the rest of the country when it dries up. ‘Their life choice’ – that’s my mini rant for the day.  I shall pick up on the Corbyn theme tomorrow. at 4pm uk time

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