The Crisis. finale

Regular readers may recall I discussed the concept of national identity last week. It is a big topic in the UK but in my view I don’t think we have one anymore which means this Middle England elite issue has bled down to working classes, meaning we’re all just one massive ball of materialistic folk that go shopping to the same big stores, to buy the same clothes, to drink the same latte or frappuccino, to buy expensive things to show people we don’t know how much better we are than them and a ‘what’s in it for me’ culture. This lack of identity has cumulated in a strong lean towards racism and xenophobia, fuelled as I said by a lot of the press.  That is why resolving the refugee problem is such a huge political bomb for the UK –the recent years of anti-immigration and UKIP surge contrasts with the need to be now seen as a nation that is humane and cares for others. Why is this a conflict – well, as I see it, when people’s lives are not turning out as they hoped we in the west rush to blame others and need to find a group to push our hates and jealousy onto – often the problem is fundamentally because of our own lack of ability or work ethic but many turn to making immigrants the easy punch bag to blame ‘taking our job’s –

even though those saying that would not do those jobs, ‘benefit frauds’ – most high profile stories are of British born people. Instead of just viewing themselves honestly and self-critically, and admitting they wouldn’t take that work or may just not have tried hard enough, they seek to blame others.  This inability to come to terms with this feeds mass support for the far right government, who don’t care for humanity and who believe that the best course of action is just not to do anything, and hope it sorts itself out. The outcome of this is that it then polarises people and fuels further extreme lurches to the right – as we have seen with UKIP, BNP, EDL and the rest.  Then there is always the counter ‘lurch’ to the left – with people like Corbyn gathering support but sensible solutions are rarely found in either extreme.  I have been saddened by our response to the refugee crisis; we didn’t get involved early enough, we have failed to act decisively with Isis and contributed to creating the problem that exists today.

It has to be admitted that, since the Falklands, Britain’s military direction has been to follow the Americans with no actually aim or purpose of our own. I don’t know why no country has got involved militarily with Syria, I have heard the excuses but none of them stack up, We don’t want to get involved in a war like Afghanistan again and the politicians tip toe around it. This is rubbish, Syria is not like Afghanistan. If we had gone in at the start and quickly got rid of Assad and the emerging Isis then where would we be know? Would the migrant crisis be as huge as it is? I don’t know but what I do know is that if you have a military that you are spending billions on then you should use it, especially in the rare case where it is good vs. evil.

However, our nation’s view on the issue is so warped, the majority believe the press and repeat that all the migrants want is to come to Britain and live on benefits, according the Daily Mail. Our response to pressure from those who care is we will take 20,000 over five years. Wow! that’s solidly useless. Shameful when you look at Germany, as seen by the beautiful images of how they welcomed the refugees – and let’s face it, most want to go to Germany, and why wouldn’t you – it is the power house of Europe, has the best economy and clearly a more humane society – most wouldn’t want to come to Britain. Germany offers jobs where they can build a future.

The wider issue though is the resettling of the global population – an issue that a few of us have thought about but don’t know how to approach.  It is a fact that Europe is fairly heavily populated and there would be an imbalance if half of Africa and the Middle East moved to Europe – as outlined already, with tensions already building the situation could explode in a dramatic way. Plus there is the negative impact that this mass migration is having on the county being left as the best and brightest have gone and taken with them the future of their country, its potential for economic growth and the best intellectuals – these are the ones with the initiative to go. So how do we fix this?  And now we come to my take on what could resolve things, and what I would do should the leaders of Europe knock on my door and ask me for a solution.

So, how to tackle the crisis? Well, for starters we need a place for people to go to feel safe and be processed – my solution to that is to build a city on the Tunisian peninsula. Tunisia would have the stabilising effect of a European presence within the country to help reset their economy as we build a mega city where we can provide for 2 million refugees, not in camps but in an actual city, from which we give them jobs and work running said city, whilst protecting them. This allows the transient work force to live and work in a safe place, guarded by a combined military unit from Europe. Each European country, as well as the United States, will fund the city with a portion of their aid packages, and within this city each county will have an embassy force to deal with claims to seek asylum in their country. If successful those refugees would be flown to their receiving country.  The reality is that this city will be the fresh start they want and need – so many will begin to realise they don’t need to go any further as they realise they can make a new life in this new city.  Each of the world’s biggest corporations will be asked to set up offices within the city; Apple, Google, etc. – essentially this mega city will be the first World City.  The money that this micro economy creates could be pumped back in to the African continent to spread development and the city itself will be as modern as it can be with alternative energy giving free power for its people via sun farms set up in the desert.

This creates a place for people to call their own and feel safe, and safe for their family.  We would recruit and train individuals to work with Special Forces units from Europe who would work within the country to help nullify the enemies of humanity. The next priority would be to make safe countries such as Syria so some of the people who lived in the mega city would be able to move home and bring their new found skills and education to better their own country, from within so nullifying, over time, the amount of aid the west needs to send and creating a more equal world so this mass migration will be a thing of the past. That is my plan, which I believe could work if all the European leaders would listen and be brave enough to make an historic world change – but the reality is that we will continue to react to world events and watch on with mock surprise as the rest of the world turns to resent and hate us or rush our borders to join us.   A brave, creative plan to recalibrate the situation in Africa would be marvellous to see – but we don’t have the leaders, the vision, the humanity – to bring this about. if you have been moved or interested in this events please donate to the red cross –uk red cross or american red cross here and hay you might actually help some one or you could get that extra coffee!!, what do i know.

I hope you enjoyed this series.  I have found it liberating to be able to do these articles and hugely enjoyable. You should see me in a paper or online somewhere over the coming weeks as Rose’s story seems to be going down a treat as well as my story of how I became a writer that I  recently did for the Dyslexia Association which i will delve in to more this sunday so if your intresting in writing or dyslexic or know some one who is tell them to join me on sunday around always i really like doing this know full time so Please share with others if you liked my next serias that I’m going to talk about is the UK labour leadership contest, sorry America i have had some emails i heard you, I will do one on your political contests soon. Have a good week.  see you sunday Bye

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