The crisis…. part two

And so the big question is what can we do?  I finished on that point yesterday and will start off there today with the reality that in countries far away from the blockades and running police battles there is little desire by the majority of people and their governments to take refugees. This is especially the case in the U.K. where the government is keen to appeal to the far right vote by reducing net immigration. Each of the main European countries has approached this problem in their unique ways as I have pointed out;

·         Britain and her elite have landed on that usual position of no interest, laced with platitudes and the occasional warship to help intercept migrants.

·         France has its own growing migrant issue and its citizens have shown themselves at odds with the revolutionary spirit that built France, all those years ago.

·         Spain is a crumbling economy that can barely support itself never mind new migrants who are seen as another drag on their economy, along with their fairly right wing tendencies and a lack of national insight which only stirs up more trouble,

·         Italy is swamped by the issue, although responding humanely in rescuing we still see that its people are unwilling to accept more people whilst their navy and coast guard remain overstretched and under equipped to be the front line force to cope with the sea migrants – but they are continuing to pick up thousands and thousands of refugees a day.

·         The only big country in Europe that still seems strong enough to respond and willing to do so is Germany, who on Sunday night accepted a huge influx of refugees/migrants with open arms, a sight to behold and unheard of by British standards.


At least now we are openly discussing this two year old problem and maybe our political leading elite classes will show why they are in charge and rise to the challenge! However, I fear that is unlikely but maybe they can come to a conclusion to work together across Europe and to equally spread refugee destination – there is even the hope that they might work out a way of helping the problem at source. But can they? Europe has not got a good track record on solving problems – just agreeing a fair quota between all member states will be a task so incredible difficult due to the sheer number and the massive national identity issue that are playing out in most of our country’s. Despite my hopes and wishes that the ruling elite will do what is the right thing to do I am realistic and see that they are just doing the bare minimum, with a lot of rhetoric from most member states and little action –  so people die whilst the rhetoric goes on.


I think that here is a good point to move on to look at the nationalistic views of the issue. I’m going to focus on Britain, as I am British, and I can’t speak first hand for Italy, although I can comment as an interested observer.  However, the position in the UK is quite simple – there is a huge far right movement in the media and a focus on ‘Middle England’ who concern themselves with Sainsbury’s versus Lidl rather than human plight – most have a lack of understanding of the plight of others – especially if it isn’t on their doorstep – but some are now lumbering into the discussion as the right wing media rings the alarm bell and winds them up with the fear it might be on their doorstep!  And so let’s look at the alarmist responses being seen in the UK and the national response – which is where I will pick up tomorrow. also as with yesterday head over to the redcross website, maybe dont have that morning coffee instead give them a donation? just a thought click this link here>>.red cross donate page

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