The Week 4th October, 2015

Hello and welcome to something a bit special. So this is it, two years work come down to this –  both The Horse Lord and Rose’s Story are now available in paperback, which is epic!!! and on top of that our YouTube channel Riders North is back up and hitting it out of the park. If you are a new subscriber and you came in because of one of the videos or pictures or ads then welcome!  This is a busy weekend for me and I’m pleased that you have taken the time to come read this and watch the video, I hope you have subscribed here and for the YouTube channel, and followed us everywhere as we move up the next level – there is a lot of content for you to see.  First the books, if you brought the book this weekend then you’re in luck as the next is already finished so get reading the first two, if you haven’t already, as the third in the series is just around the corner.   We are building a real international group, I am pleased to see so many people from Germany, France, Italy and the States joining – I hope you all follow me, subscribe and share, share to keep on growing. So what’s going on and what you can do to join in? Well, as I have said, it’s a big weekend – we’ve got video, books, blogs and everything in between to keep you entertained  so watch, read, share  – let’s see how fast we grow the fun as the Riders are back and now we have some clout behind us so new kit, better vids, the lot. Welcome to the future of writing so are you joining now or are we going to have to come back for you – after we gone around the houses?

All this launching of new stuff has got me thinking about the phenomena of ‘going viral’. I have talked about this  a few times in different topics but today I need to set my stall out – Viral isn’t always what it seems and can now be ‘managed’ to make poor video, bad music, go viral so succeed despite it –  because it makes people lots of money via YouTube and can boost careers. There are a number of celebs who have done that – so how?  Well they have to have big money behind them, that’s how, because people are now artificially inflating viral video (cough Jimmy late night guy) that with everything else the purity of viral video dissipates – it isn’t as ‘organic’ as they would have you believe. As you will have seen, I’ve got a video or two fresh out, with the aim (and I’m not ashamed to say this) of going viral – in terms of gaining interest and followers of my work. The difference being is that I am not in this to be famous or have people scream my name for the sake of being famous – I’m in this because I enjoy entertaining, I enjoy writing, making videos, being creative  and hopefully entertaining or at least getting people to think about stuff. So those of us slogging away feel it keenly when the latest celeb pops up with a ghost writer and pushes ‘their’ book or some rich family hands their daughter a wedge of money for her to self-promote her life-style!

Why I’m saying all this is because I do what I can do to make people see something of my work and join my community, but without you guys passing it then it won’t get off the ground to be a real, breathing community.  The only hope is for it to grow naturally, I can’t ask a celeb or someone of that ilk to help me and give me some prime time.  They can throw thousands at getting their tweet or blogs followed by millions – the numbers game – but for those who are not famous but write books, music, make videos – we can only hope that the audience opts to share – if you share, say the video with twenty people and they watch it and you say to them ‘its good share it on’ then they probably will and it goes to another fifty and so on – in that way us, the normal people, not the celebs or the rich or the privileged, will do something that actually is what the internet should be about – sharing our work, supporting each other and hopefully build an audience so my videos are seen, my books are read – and if that happens then there can be more and better videos, bigger books and all the rest,

So there you go, if your here and you have seen something of mine then please share it and let this be the start of something.  My aim is to be able to build a nice, cool community with our own better site where there be a multitude of videos and blogs alongside real books  – and that can be a showcase for others too as we take on more writers, and video makers to enrich the content and who knows,  give you guys the chance to not just be entertained, but join in!

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