Hello to Oktoberfest 2015 – and new video launch – busy times

Hello and welcome to ‘The Week’ – this week I thought I would talk a little about what’s been going on with me – the past three weeks have been manic with press coverage, which has been amazing as I have been featured in online articles from America to Italy and in my local newspapers of Shropshire Star, Oswestry Advertiser and the Leader, who knows maybe some of the nationals soon! So I have had a bit of attention, which has been nice and good for the site and book sales and it would be great if you follow me either via the website here or Facebook, twitter and/or instagram – just to keep up to date with what’s going on as there are lots more new things on the way. With that in mind I have some news if you are in Germany, France or USA as by the end of this week you will be able to get my book in e-format and shortly in print, if you prefer real books (which I know I do)

We have been doing some work on the channel and it has been in a testing phase, for the moment, but going fully live next Friday so I have a new, exciting video that I have been working on launching on Friday as part of the re-launch of our youtube channel and a preamble to our twitch channel so subscribe here to be ready – Riders You Tube  Following this will be a number of podcasts produced so please share with friends and family as I don’t want to stop growing the audience. I mentioned old school ‘real books’ as I know lots prefer hard copy (I know I do) so by the end of the week the new print copies of both books should be ready so you can buy the Riders prequel books in paperback at the end of this week – just in time for October and a good Autumn read. So there is a lot going on so this week and this is a reminder to follow us and to stay tuned as this is the run up to our biggest week here in the office. I am off to Munich later this week so looking forward to seeing folks there – in the great Munich Oktoberfest 2015!   Follow on @RidersNorth   FB Riders

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