Labour: END?

I left part two of my look at Corbyn with the question ‘Will Britain step further away from the US?’ Well, I think we should, even thought I love the US and want to live there – it is too volatile, and forgetful, to be a useful ally. I believe we need to return to Europe more, as a super block it is more powerful than the rest of the world combined. Let’s face it, that is where the money is and the technology. So, for now, I say strengthen our ties with France as German control of Europe is worrying and so far gone unchecked – that is where we should be putting our attention.


Turning to Corbyn’s statements on the health service, what he says on health is right. The NHS should just be state owned not this hybrid that the conservatives have forced on us now – which anyone who thinks about it will realise the long game is to privatise by stealth so in ten years people will wake up too late to find it is run by private companies, and for profit. We must prevent that so in my view he didn’t go far enough. Nothing he has said so far really tackles the problem – I am probably asking too much from our leaders in actually resolving something!.


A look at Corbyn’s stance on education is interesting. Here is where you can see he got a lot of youth involved and excited as he has always been opposed to the university tuition fees, and I agree with him whole heartedly on that. Everyone should have access to education.  He wants to get rid of “charitable schools”, which I agree with, and he want to set up a National Schools Council, which I’m not sure about as I don’t want another level of bureaucracy.  Along with that I don’t agree with his funding for arts I feel art such be treated with equal status as all other areas of. The Arts are, by definition, a select group and there is no point having a million writers, artist and song writers getting extra funding as the space is already too crowded. What is needed is easy access in the development stages to see if they have talent or not – so you can have help to have a go then move on. I’m a firm believer in working and doing your art on the side until you gather enough pace to go full time. I feel that is a good way to ground people.


To be fair to Corbyn, on issues of gay rights and minority groups he is a man before his time in his long standing support but putting sanctions on countries that are homophobic might be tricky.   A good idea, I would love to help gay Russians or lesbians Saudis but the reality is to put economic sanctions on these countries could be foolish as more likely to be detrimental to our nation than theirs. This part of my research had me at odds because if I was in power I would do the same as Corbyn here but there is a part of me, a common sense voice saying that it could be hugely damaging for us.


To sum up; I agree and like a lot of what the man says he seems a “fresh” voice on the front bench in Parliament, compared to the cackling long necked ‘yes’ men of the conservatives and the cynical and whinging voices of labour. But is he too much of a voice for Joe Public?


From doing my research and watching him, quite closely this week he does give off the ‘hipster’ vibe – and a tad whiff of agreeing with everything and anything which he thinks is morally right, which makes me wonder if he just likes to be different to the establishment and seen as a man of the people – is this more important than actually being a moral right person! I don’t know enough to clarify this remark he might be 100% genuine but he does, in my view, give off a whiff of a man who agrees with everyone in the opposition to the government camp – quite an easy place to be but what if he finds himself in the driving seat – will he deliver for everyone?


I believe he thinks he is some sort of Marxist warrior from the 1890 as some of the things he says makes me believe he is not a leader but more a conduit of social change, as any good Marxist should be, but is not going to bring about change. I think this was seen in his first PM question time where instead of him going for the PM with some tough questions he put questions from British people for David Cameron to answer – a bit tame.


I feel he is a good man with good ideas but not a leader. I agree with much of what he says but I cannot do so on his views of a united Ireland and the proposal that we walk away from Europe. There are two views that I really can’t agree so my assessment is that he a good bloke who means well but no leader. Saying that though, he is better than Cameron (not that is saying much) and at least there would be some change instead of posh city boys trying to turn us back to the Victorian times. So it’s down to what you want as a people. Do we want this ruling elite, that mocks us about our intellect and views the layers below aristocracy as diminishing in ‘quality people’ the further you go down. At least now the Labour Party is truly left and will implement key changes if put in the position to do so – it is for the electorate to decide if that is what they want – if nothing else there  is a real choice to be made when we vote – and real consequences from voting in a move for change or no change – and that has to be good for democracy.


Have a good week.  If you read the newspapers in the morning you may have seen the recent press interviews I done about Rose’s Story, which have been brilliant thanks for support me and go get a copy if you haven’t already. please share or post to facebook if you found ingesting that more important to me then liking it on here Have a great week and thanks for reading i have some snips of some of the video where working on coming this week so stay tuned to the site. remmber you can follow me @ridersnorth or on facebook theridersofthenorth.

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