Week #20 20th April, Episode Two

①∕⑤   Right then, off to the Conservatives. So I headed off to their website and their home page annoyed me to start with as it looked like I would have to register to get in to read their information, until I noticed the camouflaged continue button to the top right. Which I was relieved about as it is hardly democratic to make us all register first in order to read what they plan to do! So, after getting past the huge image of David and his wife, I had a nosy around. Their first page has a British flag and that resonated with me for some reason (why haven’t the others?  Is it that the union jack is now seen as a right wing instrument – I suspect so, which is a shame, it is simply the symbol of Britain!) It is quite a good website, quite nice with lots of pictures and easily navigated for information. I headed off to find the meat again, getting to the manifesto a lot smoother than on the Labour page and they didn’t ask me to download a few hundred mb file but instead allowed me to just open it which was good.

The animation on the page turning is a nice touch. Anyway the first page I saw something that has annoyed me for some time, immediately there the was the complaining and’ scapegoating’ that the conservatives have made on Labour for the past five years. I mean, come on, the first page of your document about your hopes and aspirations for the next five years of government and you put inflammatory things about Labour! It is just childish is it not?  but maybe it’s a trend between the governing parties to view us as you would children, needing to be led by the hand and told ‘it’s his fault! The second thing that struck came from David’s Cameron lips where he talked about the deficit, and told rather misleading things. I know an old Etonian and ex Bullingdon club, descendant of William II, will have a different view of the world then me and possibly many others I feel, but the fact that they claim they have halved the deficit is the worse ‘misleading statement’ of all, when they haven’t  – it is still 1.5 trillion and hasn’t come down at all! But that might be because bankers are in charge of the exchequer. Anyway I got past that and carried on with an open mind and into the heart of the document and what the conservatives outlined generally seemed OK. There was nothing new, nothing they are not already saying ‘Continue with austerity measures and cuts’ and hope for the best, that is how it read. There was no master plan that I could discern, no dynamic ideas or schemes,  it was just the same, we carry on cutting by 1% and hope we pay off the debt before the poor have to eat their children! (I may be a tad extreme here) but that is how it came across. The core must be to cut back. There was no lightning ideas so it was the same policies set they had last election, hashed together with a few of Thatcher’s ideas, such as being able to buy your own house from the local authority, an idea that first started the housing crises back in the 80 under Thatcher and they want to repeat  it?  We have a housing shortage for those who can’t buy, so let’s sell our social housing off!!!  I was surprised they weren’t after the  school milk and sending ships off to the Falkland’s – it was so similar in fact, but maybe I’m being unfair, let’s look at what the Conservatives have done in the last five years.

The Conservatives last five years

  • A bail out added 58 billion to our debt and hasn’t be returned from sales of banks and the Royal Mail
  • Bankers and men and women who defrauded and collapsed this banks have been left to continue running over 87% of bankers before the crises still working.
  • The top 1% of our nation had seen their bank balance increase by 45% in comparison to national increase of 0.2%
  • Trickle down affect so promised hasn’t happen
  • £9000 a year price tag on a degree that are is fairly useless in a world with 45% of student loans not being repaid as the students graduating either don’t get a job or are earning well below the repay threshold.
  • Unemployment is apparently down but I don’t think that is to do with the Conservatives. I think that’s to do with the fact people are working part-time, and the number being over qualified for a job is through the roof.
  • Scotland doing what it wants and damaging the rest of the country.
  • Fracking and destruction of land and lively hoods
  • The growth of the large multi business is at its highest ever rate yet they are not investing in development as the share price and bonuses take precedent about the long term health of a business
  • Small businesses being squeezed as banks fail to help them.

So that how the country is in reality, not in very selective figures we are not doing too well. After realising that the conservatives have nothing new I had a little look at our esteemed Prime Minster and realised that the man has never worked a day in his life. He is very upper class and that is rather nauseating to think that someone who decides how we live is someone who has no real experience of the life the majority lead.  As I looked around further I could see that he is the product of nepotism and elitism and as such is someone who finds himself on the pinnacle of politics and instead of standing up, putting on his big boy pants on and leading, he has chosen to spend the last five years blaming the previous post holder but with no solutions himself. Over all the manifesto looked good and sounded smart so 1 for presentation but in reality it had no substance and no new ideas so for lack of vision it gets just the 1 star out of  five.

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