Riders of the North

Tales of the North The Riders of the North is a series of books following multiple characters from the horse faring race of warriors to the north, to the soft, and civilised people of the capital city in the south, and everything inbetween. The north riders’ culture is one of meritocracy and equality, even their hierarchy of Lords is based on this and not birth right. This has produced noble, fierce and deadly warriors. When the peace of the Empire comes under threat from an enemy within, a hodge-podge group of northern warriors and southerners are thrown together. The Horse Lord is the one of the short stories that aligns with the main story, Riders of the North: The Games. In the Horse Lord we follow Teo as he sets about becoming his own man and creating the Lion’s Pride, a new banner for his countrymen to follow, but will any rise to join him?