The Week #6 28th december 2014

Hi, well then, I hope you all had a splendid holiday with lots of merriment with your family and friends! Here in Shropshire, where I live, it’s been quite beautiful with snow at Christmas, Boxing Day to be specific but still amazing. Anyway, enough of my dewy eyed view at the beauty of the world. Let’s talk about what’s been going on this week over the holidays.; It looks like I was right after all in relation to the Sony hacking palaver (see last two the weeks to get up to date #4, #5) After everything has been said and done, it looks like it still may be what I suggested from the outset- Sony paying hackers to hack them for publicity but the hackers went too far and nothing to do with North Korea. I would like to applaud Sony for this stunt, pretending to pull it, then not, then releasing it so you can stream it or go to the cinema on the same night for the sake of “freedom” (slow clap)

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THE WEEK 21/12/14

Hello again. So, it’s almost Christmas. I am fairly excited. I’ll be honest. I am old school that way. I love all the family around on a cold, dark night with a hot fire to sit by, watching T.V. and chatting about life and the cosmos. It’s quite therapeutic and somewhat spiritual – so thought this week I would talk about the good in humanity that rarely gets talked about (a bit corny I know but screw it, it’s Christmas!) Continue reading THE WEEK 21/12/14

The Week 14th December, 2014

Here we are again, Sunday evening (might be midday morning or whatever for you) I’ve got a mug of tea and half a tube of smarties so let’s get to it. It’s my birthday; I have made it through another year without dying, well done me! Inevitably this week has seen me a bit obsessed with mortality and what I’m doing with my life. Don’t worry though; this isn’t going to turn into a self help thing with me expressing all my wants and fears. I only Continue reading The Week 14th December, 2014

The Week 7th December, 2014

Hello again for another instalment of The Week(I know, catchy title!)
So, what’s been going on this week in the world? Well, same as always really, government underperforming. The British budget is still rubbish – PM still doesn’t know what he’s doing – low travel cost inflation, ‘what a brilliant move’ said no one – anywhere! People upset but yet fairly ambivalent to the world going on around them. An Isis leader is killed, although no surprise there, if you put yourself in a video murdering someone by cutting off their head you’re almost certainly going to end up being killed very soon after. Two young girls from Britain realised that Isis are not the freedom fighters and the amazing warriors they went out to meet and found out that they turned out to be crazed, blood thirsty men who are fuelled by zealot zeal, with little reason that any rational being can discern. They should have done their research before going, but that’s just news. Continue reading The Week 7th December, 2014

The Week 30th November, 2014

Hello again. This week I have been thinking more parochial and more national so if you’re not British this might be a bit heavy going. Having said that though, most countries in the world now have a large dissatisfied population and what seems like a bumbling and pathetic ruling party, blundering around with no good ideas so I expect most nationalities can connect with this.

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The Week 23rd November 2014

After spending the past month and a bit working hard to promote my first short story and launching everything else that goes with it, I thought I should take a sidestep and stop going on about asking everyone to buy and share it. I thought that this would be a good time to just chat; it is a better place then fb or twitter to get a dialogue going.

I thought I would start by outlining my thoughts and opinions on the world at the moment. Let’s start with Ukraine (fun place to begin you might think, I know but stay with me) So this week in the ongoing ‘whose got the bigger manhood battle’ The mad haired President Putin meets the Australian vice pm’s, who comments “I suppose I best shake your hand but you should get out of Ukraine.” To which the topless, bear wrestling Russian replied, “I’m not in Ukraine.” To most likely a loud “Ohhhh no he didn’t,” from his security team. So, what to make of this quip, what is it actually conveying to us as we look at the largest war in Europe since the Balkans? Continue reading The Week 23rd November 2014

Pause for Thought

Superb production by BBC ‘The Passing Bells’ – the final scene was beautifully done.  if you missed this drama I urge you to put some time aside and make a point of catching up on it – incredibly sad – ‘Doomed Youth’ as Wilfred Owen so clearly shared with us in his haunting verse.  The image in the final scene is one which will stay with you. It will certainly be in the forefront of my thoughts this week of Remembrance.