Is Fur ‘Cute’ Again

If you’re like me you grew up with people raging against fur being used and raging against people who wore fur, yet in the last five years the fur trade has quadrupled profits and is close to being a 12 billion pound industry, so is the fur trade back in vogue and what has changed? Most fur is used in clothing is taken from dogs, small rodents, minks, and ferrets. There was a time when it was not socially acceptable to be wearing the skin of an animal; so why in the last few years has animal fur in clothing returned, and so many people fine with wearing it?

I have researched this a little and came to the conclusion that it is because people are less educated on this subject today; there is less about it as attention on it faded, as it was a practice thought to have gone, and they don’t seem to understand that what they are wearing has come from dead animals? Do they think it’s fake? Possible, but it may be worse than that, the issues that our parents and grandparents fought against are no longer seen as cool!

The reality is that fur has been projected as cool for the last ten years by people with poor morals. The war on fur had been raging and the anti-fur lobby had been winning or even won, then the crash came and most people lost money, livelihoods, and opportunities, but some people didn’t – some people made money and the newly rich wanted to be seen as decadent, fancy and in their minds nothing was more fanciful than fur. These people include rappers, actor/ models who a decade ago would have been jeered at in the media if they wore such things yet now they are followed and endorsed so all that they do is seen as acceptable, and that has permeated down to everyone else.

So fur is seen by these people as cool, and the fur trade has exploded but let’s look at what that really means. The reality is that eight million animals are kept in cages no bigger than a backpack, where they go mad in their own filth until they are killed and skinned – millions of animals: dogs, minks and the rest – this can’t be right, are we allowing the worst of us to pull us backwards? Why is fur cool? Well, it isn’t, but it is seen as such purely because it can be expensive and validates people’s desire to look extravagant. What a price to pay for the animal. What’s your thoughts?

One thought on “Is Fur ‘Cute’ Again”

  1. Cheap faux fur has reinforced real fur as a status symbol of affluence. That real fur is now seen as ‘cool’ is also a case of the millennial generation rebelling against the standards of their ‘boomer’ parents.

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