last day of the how to, write

Finally the big day arrives, launch day and you need to drum up lots of social media, you need your family, your friends, your work colleagues to all buy it at around the same time –

this is key as that creates a flurry in the ratings on Amazon and the like so you can get up into the top ten because there is so much activity in one go. I got mine into seventh place in fiction so that makes it more likely that others will come across it as that puts it more visible so you need to get your people to buy it to get that surge, you can do but you can’t just put it out there and say ‘here goes’ – it’s not going to go anywhere unless you work at giving it a big push. One little trick I would offer you here is look what’s coming out and do not release your book near the launch of a big name as they will have their publishers working around a release it so taking up the attention. Do it during a quieter time – when there is nothing coming out so, hopefully, it can then sit high up and be spotted by people you don’t know. Don’t forget, you need a good cover and I suggest you be willing to part with some cash to get a decent one.  There are some good e-book cover designers.  I have used Kit Foster and found him good to work with – there are others to be recommended. If you have a large network of friends and family then work out a system so maybe thirty or more of them buy it, spread across each day of the week to help raise its position for a week or so to help with getting seen.

And finally to finish off; be prepared for failure, heartache, the negatives aswell as the positive comments – all part of writing. Once you put yourself out there you need to understand that now you are in the big bad world and accept that you are not as special as your mum said you are and that not everybody is nice. To be fair, I’ve not really had much negativity or ‘hate’ comments around my writing but when you do it is best to just let it slide. It does take a certain type of person to actually come out online and attack you, so you should remember that if someone is coming at you, hating on you about your content then so long as your content isn’t racist or wildly extreme, wither right or left wing and it’s just a good story then its more the case that they have the problem and my advice is to just not interact with them – they are quite sad really and you should view it like that. Also remember, other people’s haven’t, as a general rule, put the time and effort into it that you have done so harden yourself and remember why you do it – because you love to create stories.

So there you go I hope you’ve enjoyed the past few instalments on my experiences to date in the writing world and my advice for what it’s worth, in independently publishing. I’ve gone through it twice now with The Horse Lord and Rose’s story. I hope you have found it interesting. I would love to hear from you if you got any questions or anything to comment then just drop me a message on Facebook or a tweet – details are on the site – and if you did then please share this with others. I hope it’s been helpful in some way stay tuned as ever tomorrow or Wednesday I have something very special to show you all. if you enjoyed this why not help me out with buying this>> here see you tomorrow.

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