The Week #22 10th May, 2015

So this is the last one in my two week project on British politics – the round up, what happened and want might happen.

So, in a stunning turn of events an election that looked as if it would be a close run thing, turned out not to be with the Conservatives smashing home with a small majority – something they not had in 20 odd years, with Labour being complete wiped out in Scotland at the hands of the SNP so what does this mean for us now in Britain? Well here are six policies the conservatives will most likely get through parliament now,  all six of these policies  were ones they either tried to get through in the last five years but were blocked or are in their manifesto  – so here we are, this is what 36% of the British population voted for.

NUMBER ONE:  benefits will be capped at £23,000 a year per household which will affect millions of people struggling at the bottom part of our society, whilst the top quarter has already had a tax break. £23,000 for a family to live on is less then minimum wage, could you and your family live on that?

NUMBER TWO: The majority of under 21’s will be excluded from claiming benefits. This is a hit or miss policy that the government believe will force people to “stop being lazy”, their words.  But what about the fact that there aren’t enough jobs?, what about broken households?, what about mental illness?, none of this has been taken into account – there are sometimes good reasons why some young people need the state and now the state is backing out.  The ghettos on the coast are only going to grow and this is going to increase youth homelessness. We have a ruling party, a government comprised of almost exclusively posh rich boys, who have no idea that some people have no home to move back into.

NUMBER THREE: EU Referendum. Cameron needed to hold on to his rebels and deny UKIP votes so had to agree to a referendum on whether we stay in the EU or not. In two years time we could pull out, in the mean time a period of huge uncertainty and a dangerous time for British business as foreign investment will be weaker with it being unsure if we staying or going.  There is a large proportion of the population that want to leave EU, which will cripple us economically – and areas benefitting greatly from EU could be in for some dark times ahead.

NUMBER FOUR: The state will have new powers to invade our privacy. The intended legislations will mean that they don’t even need to think you’re doing something bad to spy on you. This is a hugely worrying one for me. Why should I be snooped on, which funnily enough is the name of Theresa May’s charter “The Snoopers charter” a charter that was only blocked last time because of the liberals, with a majority now the conservatives can get this through and start watching you via linked cameras and read your texts and can do it within the law!   It has already begun as YouTube footage of the protests outside number 10 Downing Street has been taken down – why? by whom? Who is our censor?  Who decided what we events in our country we can see or not see?

NUMBER FIVE: Inevitably, legalisation to allow fox hunting with dogs. The majority of the population where against it yet for their mates they bring back the barbaric ‘sport’ of hunting down and ripping apart foxes for entertainment, madness.

And finally, NUMBER SIX:  the caveat, to top it all they intend to change the constituency boundaries to ensure they stay in power forever! Again, they tried to do this in coalition and were blocked, they won’t be this time and this will make it harder to get rid of the Tories next by adjusting the boundaries to erode the change of almost 20 seats being labour in the future.

If you voted Conservative last week then these are just some of what you voted in – you need to think if you really want all these to happen!

Scotland had thrown us to the wolves. I said last week that if people start voting for their bit of the kingdom, instead of thinking as a whole then this country will collapse and the SNP are the first nail in that coffin – they put the Tories in but they have no power over them. Lions roaring?  – oh how they fool themselves.

Let’s look at the point of the nationalists, a louder voice for Scotland, I understand that, a noble aspiration but the game plan is flawed. Scotland only has 56 M.Ps out of 650 and can’t put a dent in the amount of M.P’s in England. All the SNP have done is raise up the old tribal issue that, in this day and age should be done with. The argument of under-representation doesn’t wash. Scots have held hugely influential positions in the last twenty years; Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chancellor, Chief of the Treasury, Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary but now it has nothing – not a voice. All their newly elected M.P.’s could turn up tomorrow in parliament in kilts and wode and they would make an impression but they are just a sideshow now, puppets in a bigger game. The Tories don’t want Scotland, it was never their stamping ground, and with it gone then yes, they can give Scotland greater autonomy, with a lot less money – billions will be kept in London now as Scotland takes the cut, and the government can watch as Scotland slides into decline as it cannot balance the books without the money from central coffers and will have to raise taxes on the Scottish people.  This is what happens when you look in on yourself, when you look up again all has moved on – for the first time in centuries they have no voice, along with the rest of us!  For the first time in a long time no Scottish M.P. will hold a cabinet position, where you have always held influence, Scotland now loses the greater funding that it had compared to the North, Wales and N. Ireland.  What a price to pay for national pride!

For the first time Westminster is now able to just concentrate on itself  and not even try to care about the United Kingdom – and if you voted SNP or Conservative then the hardships that Scotland, the North of England and Wales and the poor throughout will now face lie at your door. And on that gloomy note I am done with politics for a while, until the EU referendum comes round. Next week I will be talking about something world related again, so until then, have a good week.

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