The week #12 8th February, 2015

Hello everyone to ‘The Week!’. For new readers this is a segment where I write about things that have taken my fancy this week, usually news based but sometimes not depending on what my opinions are of said topic, and what’s on my mind when I sit down to write this. So, this week I thought I would stay away from Ukraine, as I’ve already talked about that situation a fair amount (for those interested, have a look at some of the old weeks in the top bar of the site) instead I will be focusing on isis once more. There is a definite theme that I’ve noticed with the news skipping between Syria Central Africa and Ukraine, with all three regions gripped in troublesome wars, so what isis up to now!

If you’ve not seen or heard about isis by now you will have been living under a rock, but a quick summary is Isis, or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or Isil which means the same just Syria replaced with Levant, the old name for the area, kind of fitting for stone age people I suppose. Anyway they claim the new caliphate boundary of the Muslim world, same old same old stuff except this madman has a fair bit of backing (I’m not going in to the conspirator theory here) and has armed his followers fairly well, who have taken large territories in Iraq and Syria, sprouted from the Syrian war all those years ago, during the Arab spring, as we in the west call it. This group has taken the main stage and the focus away from the Syrian war where the Syrian free army, or what’s left of it, are being battered by Isis as well as the Alawites, but that’s enough of that story. The aim of Isis is to unite the Muslim world and lead a fresh jihad, like the moors of old did in Europe, but why? Well, as I have stated my thoughts on religion, in a previous edition of The week I don’t understand people fervour for such things, but what I can understand is the young men who are heading there from the west. There are thousands swelling the ranks of Isis and these young most men are joining isis because they are disenfranchised and when you look at the world today it isn’t difficult to understand why they feel like that. Statistics published this week show that the average person in the UK has had an 0.8% wage rise in the last two years, a rise so small that it means nothing for people – all it is doing is keeping up with inflation. Yet the top CEO’s and bankers have had a 48% pay rise over the same time. Yes, the very same men and women that caused all this strife in the first place. I do think facts like this have a link to the amount of dis-satisfied young people in the West. I talked last week about a lost generation and here is another example (agreed, it is quite an extreme one but still applicable) Young men and some women, the same age as me, are being turned to extremist views and brain washed because of a number of factors but the inequalities and generally lack of moral fibre in our country is one to take into account. Consider, shows on the TV like ‘The only way is Essex’ and ‘Geordie Shore’ signify our plummeting morality, with shows glorifying the idiot, endorsing bad manners and generally boorish behaviour it is no wonder that extremist see us all as the problem, the decadent West. It is a fact that I have mentioned before, that most western countries know have lost their way, not in a religious way but in a moral way. A good example in the BBC, they shouldn’t be pandering to idiots. The BBC should be pushing the boundaries, creating great drama like the musketeers and peaky blinders – not wasting so much of its budget with shows like The Voice and docusoaps. There is so much utter tripe under the banner of ‘entertainment’ such as X Factor and Some nation’s got talent that are saying to young people ‘You don’t really need to work, you can just aspire to the celebrity route and sign up to go on these shows . The media is just pandering to the lowest common denominator and are unimaginative, boring but cheap and easy to make, that either make fun of people or give people false hope in society dominated by luck and who you know more than rare talent and hard work, this is no meritocracy. All this is teaching young children is not to love something and work damn hard for it, it is teaching them that working is for losers – look at the celeb who is famous for no reason making more money than most of us – just for doing nothing. No wonder some young men and women feel disengaged and look at the propaganda of Isis and see adventure and excitement rather than the reality of it. But by the time they get there they are surrounded by Isis fighters of course there indoctrinated. It is time for us in the west to get our act together, find the right leaders and make a more optimistic but realistic world for this generation. It is time to take action to eradicate relics like Isis and Boko Haram and replace them with education for all and genuine opportunities for people. We need to stop thinking about political out manoeuvring and replace that with real leadership, not by force but by action.
The problem is that we in the West are seen by most of the rest of the world as the bad guys the infidels, the ungodly. The best way to combat that is to reach out to our own society and make it better, only then we can go forward and help the less fortunate around the world. Just think if the same number of America troops deployed in Iraq were seen in Chad rebuilding and repairing then think what that kind of message would say to the world.
Anyway that’s enough for this week. I hope you have had an excellent week and will have an even better one to come. See you next Sunday for more thoughts on The Week. Bye.

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