#5 Tech Tuesday and on top of that a new minecraft video

Hello guys, our newest Minecraft video is out aswell, check it out here >>> http://bit.ly/1yLycl9  after you read Tech Tuesday of course. this Tuesday I’m going to talk about hacking and its effect. This is quite a timely article with the ‘apparent’ attack by Lizard squad, that bunch of idiots who decided to take down Xbox and Playstation over Christmas. First we need to look at hacking.

I’ll be honest I know very little about coding and the like but I will give it a shot, why not! So, hacking is quite a broad term that basically means attacking or stopping a service online, and that can be anything from the make believe hacking in films such as Die hard 4.0 to what Lizard squad are doing which in essence is a ‘dos’ (denial of services) attack. The difference being that one is attacking and trying to find a way in through fire walls and the other is just paying some server farm in China to do a multiple request of something from a service, all at the same time and bringing it to a shuddering halt by over loading it. So tech wise both of these modes of hacking are hugely interesting to look at hence why I am. I have mentioned in The Week before and some of the videos on my channel, if you want to have a rummage around! One could possibly bring down a country for a period of time; the other could cause huge loss of earning for a company. So why do it? Well its interesting that hackers, by their nature, are trying to actively bend the law or attack and move around the internet – that is their nature as it is the last bastion of anonymous activity that you can do from the safety of your home. Hacking companies or governments is now the greatest activist thing to do and really the one thing that can expose corruption and the like, and that’s what a lot of early hacking organisations were set up to do ‘Anonymous’ being the biggest one here, so what has happened to this noble idea? It has unfortunately, over time and the age we live in, been neutered and weakened so now you have Anonymous saying they are going after celebs who bad mouth each other – what’s going on there?? This is an organisation set up to fight corruption and now they are reacting to celebs and modern culture!! I think they have lost their way, or is it that the government have shut them down? I know for a fact most top hackers are seen and selected by most government to work for them in counter intelligence and the like, from trade shows and universities. The hacking community, if it can be called that, doesn’t really exist anymore as hacking has gone main stream and the best in that field are in with every other aspect of life – running the defence of the establishment. So it has left it open to people like the Lizard squad (should have picked a cooler name) A group of wannabes, as far as I can find out, bent on nothing more than attention. I mean, come on, after the Christmas annoyance to ordinary folk – if you are a hacker would you come out and do an interview to explain? No, yet they did, so the issue with this group is there products of the internet a group of lonely mildly confused young people who have been consumed by the internet so much they become bitter and twisted and now believe they have a divine given right to dictate to people because that see others doing so, and this leads to their dos attacks on gaming and the like.

Switching back to the company’s themselves, I have already talked a little about this somewhere but I will just reiterate my point to the big companies – you make billions and billions of pounds a year, take some off your profits and put them back in to your own infra-structure, it’s just bad form for Microsoft and Sony to be so easily brought down by a dos attack. Come on, sort yourselves – alongside the actual Sony hacking debacle you shouldn’t be getting hacked and not on that level. To not have the protective infra-structure in place is just examples of massive greed – these giant corporations need to remember to put their customers first not their investors – it is simply good business!
So then, in my view hacking will increase at the low levels as more and more groups of tweens and the like grow up on the internet. Alongside it we will get more and more people divided from society who will be drawn to join in small groups of the same thinkers who will just one think it’s funny to be looking for attention and do these ‘dos’ attacks – low level hacking will rise sharply over the next ten years or so. The high level hacking of government and the like will stay the same. It is most likely that there will always be one or two people willing to take it to the establishment but the age of hacking for unity and for freedom to express; to share classified information and reveal what is going has, in part, died. No one is taking on the government any more, not after wiki leaks, so the age of freedom has ended and the age of surveillance is taking full affect! Big Brother is finally here!
That’s it for this week, just a little talk on hacking – it’s not really about tech and numbers and the like. My musings are about morals, ethics and humanity. That is what ‘The Week’ and Tech Tuesday are about – taking things that are happening and adding some moral perspective to what is going on. I will forever cling to the belief that humanity can be better, we can be, but things like hacking and wars and trolls and online celeb mania is demeaning a great means of communication. If you feel the same then you are likely to be part of the silent majority, who I hope I’m speaking on behalf in some ways. I’m sick of these extremes running everything and everywhere from Celebs to politicians – and the rest of us roll our eyes in despair. I think it’s time us, the normal majority speak up and hey, if I can be the voice of that I’m down!
Anyway that was a little emotion rant at the end there to finish off our little tech chat. As always I hope you have a superb week. There is a new Minecraft video out along side this today, if you’re interested, and that’s about it. Happy Australia day (a bit late) and have an amazing week, bye.

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