Tech Tuesday #4 20th January, 2015

Hello everyone, sorry I’m a bit late getting this out today but it has been a very long day today! I will not bore you with my personal life, instead I will talk about the social media beast that we are all part of in some way. I’ve covered viral in the past, people going viral and all that, now I’m going to turn my attention to the tweeter monster lurking on most people phones, an app that allows everyone one of us to announce whatever is on our mind to a sea of humanity. A perfect example of this is the recent Rupert Murdoch tweet, after the attacks in Paris were seen as insensitive and anti Islamic even if the overall message was that the Muslim community should work together to deter radicalisation was a fair a point, a point Britain’s own waste of space Prime Minister has talked about this week. My point being, with this example, is that now the world is at the tip off everyone’s fingers – in quite a personal way as a tweet is such small messages – and in a few words you can’t really get across what your point is.

It can become a waste disposal device for the nonsense that exists in all our brains, and at times that can be damaging. People just announcing their opinion in a hundred or so characters, about events that need full consideration, just stating views as fact is always damaging. Look at the debacle over Paul McCartny and Kanye West the other week. Twitter is a perfect vehicle for misinformation and idiotic nonsense which is damaging to stories that actually do need to be talked about and views that need to be considered (It’s one of the reasons that I don’t tweet, I just advertise other stuff on there, I know I’m not very interesting) It is all nonsense though, who cares what some fourteen year old girl from Sweden thinks in relation to wars and famine but up it pops.
The interesting thing about twitter is how it has become the tool of famous people. Famous people are the life blood of twitter, it’s the reason most people go on it, but is that a good thing? The way entertainers, actors, singers and those that are famous for being famous can create their own hype, just consider what would you be like with thousands of messages a day telling you how amazing you are and how I want to be like you when I’m this old, etc, of course it going to grow their ego hugely. Just look at that tool of a girl who married to Kanye West, she is famous for being famous sake! I don’t really know who she is to be honest, though I don’t really know who Kanye is, saying that, all I know is he did the song to Jarhead (good film) what I do know that she has decided that she will grace us with a book(interesting I know) a book of selfies!!! A picture book of herself!!! (what the…..!!!!) and tweets rushed into her. She will be looking at her tweets and enjoying the thousands and thousands of hashtags about her picture book!!!! If I could get that kind of traction about my book, with words in it, I would probably go kart wheeling naked down the street with happiness – but they mean nothing to her – all it does is fuel her narcissistic tendencies and her belief that she is somehow more important than you and I and everyone else – and people react to it – good or bad, they are still giving the attention these people crave. It reminds me of the old story of the Emperor, riding through Rome, who had thousands of people throwing roses at him and shouting adoration yet had a simple slave next to him, reminding him that he was just a man. All famous people should have that voice in their ear
My point about twitter is that it’s a dark demon that is there pretending to be able to project any one of us to stardom (which most people want) with very little effort; the right line here, the write hashtag there, as I have said before, we live in a time of instant! Youtubers going viral, tweets going in to the twiitersphear but realistically all we are doing is supporting the large ego of people like that women (Kim Kardashian, I looked it up) with the selfie picture book.
Oh well, at least I was brief this week, have a good one, speak to you Sunday.

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